David Beckham wore tights as a child!

The 36-year-old football ace has admitted to wearing tights and ballerina slippers as a child. Find out more!

The sexy soccer star concedes that his interest in fashion may have developed when he was just a small child.

'I suppose the very first thing I remember, when it comes to fashion,' said the father-of-four to H&M magazine, 'is when I was a pageboy at a family wedding.

'I had a choice between wearing some boring old suit, or a pair of knickerbockers with ballerina tights and slippers,' he explained. 'I went with the tights.'

David admitted his mum might have a picture in her attic.

'My mum’s probably got [a picture] somewhere,' he said. 'It’s not that I always wanted to be different, but I knew what I liked and that’s always what I wore.'