Bonham Carter's parenting lessons

The Harry Potter actress thanks parenting lessons for harmonious family life.

Helena Bonham Carter has been praising parenting lessons to help her juggle her working and home life.

The actress has two children, Billy, 7, and Nell, 2,  with her longterm partner, Tim Burton

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times, she said of her new parenting skills: "You give them (the children) positive attention and then they start to crave it. It absolutely works. Billy is lapping it up. And as a parent, you become happier because you're observing all these good things about your child."

Bonham Carter also admitted that kids are often scared of her Harry Potter character, Bellatrix Lestrange , although, she explained "I made her childlike deliberately so kids could relate to her as the ultimate naughty one. And there is fun in being naughty. She is a total version of age 3. There's no parenting class on handling that one."


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