Jennifer Aniston changes plans for her man

Jennifer is said to have changed her Christmas plans for her boyfriend Justin Threoux.

The 42-year-old former 'Friends' star reportedly cancelled a holiday to Mexico so that she can spend the holidays with Justin and his family in New York.

Aniston is said to have arranged the getaway with Justin without asking him first and when he said he wasn't sure about it she changed her plans so they could still be together.

A source told In Touch "Jen [is] worried that Justin would be angry and that his friends and family would hate her if he didn’t make it back to the East Coast for Christmas".

Jennifer still plans to continue her tradition of hosting an annual Christmas Eve dinner at a Steakhouse in Los Angeles, however, she is eager to give Justin what he wanted for Christmas and spending it with his family.

"It’s her way of letting Justin know how important he is to her," the insider added. "And that she’ll do anything to keep him in her life."