Jennifer Aniston mends rift with her mother

Jen visits Nancy in hospital after she suffers stroke

They didn't speak for ten years, but now all their problems seem behind them as Jennifer Aniston rushed to hospital after her mother suffered a stroke over the weekend.

The actress was visibly distraught when visited her mother, Nancy Dow, in hospital in Los Angeles. New boyfriend Justin Theroux was by her side.

Nancy and Jennifer stopped talking in the 90s when Dow gave a TV interview and openly talked about her daughter.

At the time Jen admitted feeling betrayed by her mum and the problems between the two women increased when Nancy wrote her autobiography, From Mother And Daughter To Friends: A Memoir.

Dow and Aniston stopped talking completely and Jennifer did not invite her mother to her wedding to now ex husband Brad Pitt.

However the two women decided to work on their relationship and have been back in touch since 2008.