Jennifer Aniston's shoes trashed by dog

The Wanderlust actress' new puppy has been chewing her expensive high heels.

Jennifer recently welcomed pit bull mix Sophie into her house after being left devastated by her beloved mutt Norman's death last year. While she has loved having a dog again, she's finding her pup's eating habits a bit of a nuisance!

'Jennifer has been joking with her friends that Sophie has expensive taste in shoes just like her mama,' an insider reportedly revealed.

Sophie has been raiding Jen's closets for her Jimmy Choos and is entertained by them for hours,' continued the source. 'But by the time the pooch is finished with the footwear, it's completely unrecognisable.

'So far, Sophie has gnawed her way through three pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes, which Jen estimates cost around $3,000.'

She's got four pairs of heels that Sophie could chew on to her heart's content. However, the pooch seems to prefer high-brand prices so Jennifer wants her friends to donate some Jimmy Choos!'