Johnny Depp was empty until he became a father

The actor admits appreciating life to the full when he started a family

Depp has revealed that the birth of Lily Rose, 12, and Jack, 10 made him feel happier and grounded.

'There is nothing on earth that could ever make me want to relive certain years of my life when I was young' the star said to the Sun

'You grow up a bit damaged or broken' said the actor referring to his parents' divorce when he was a teenager 'then you have some success - but you don't know how to feel good about the work you're doing or the life you're leading.'

However, starting a family with long-term partner Vanessa Paradis changed things for Depp.
'I was angry and frustrated' said the Dark Shadows star 'until I started my own family and my first child was born. Until then I didn't really appreciate life the way I should have, but fortunately I woke up.'