Have Depp and Paradis split?

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis may have split, amidst reports that they are currently arguing about where to live.

The couple have two children together after dating for 14 years, but speculation has been mounting that they are to separate.

'Vanessa hates LA and wants to return to Paris,' an insider reportedly revealed. 'But Johnny is apparently refusing to be tied down, and wants to remain in the US.'

Rumours on the split have been circulating recently, but some sources are suggesting that the romance has been over for up to two years. The Pirates of the Caribbean star is said to want to move to America to further his acting career.

'There have been rumours of tensions between them for a long time,' the insider continued. 'They’ve apparently been struggling to make things work. Some people are saying that their relationship ended two years ago.'

Neither Depp nor Paradis have made an announcement on the subject.