Ricci enjoyed kissing Robert Pattinson

Christina Ricci has revealed the Twilight star is a 'good kisser'.

The 31-year-old actress locks lips with the British star in their new movie 'Bel Ami' and she found him 'lovely' to work with.

'Everyone keeps asking me how it is to kiss Robert,' said Ricci to Total Film magazine.

'He's a good kisser,' she explained. 'And I'm not being nice. It's just like that.'

The 31-year-old admitted Robert's sense of humour made her feel more at ease.

'He's really lovely to work with,' she explained, 'especially in those kinds of scenes because he's so quick to laugh at himself - and me.

'He's very self-deprecating, as am I.'

Bel Ami will hit cinemas nationwide on 9th March.