Simon Cowell's Twitter webchat

Simon Cowell has taken to Twitter to chat to fans about US X Factor and revealed if Cheryl Cole will be involved in the show.

See what he had to say during the webchat...

@xogaby1697 Gabbrriieelllaaaa: what do you look for when someone auditions? Clothing and personality wise. star type?
Simon: Always like to find someone unique, Hate it when Mums and Dads choose the outfits. Be original!
@TeamCherylCher what kind of winner are you hoping for to kickstart the series?
Simon: We hope 2 find an artist who can compete with people in the charts. Would love to find the new Lady Gaga. No Rules.

@CherylColeUSA Cheryl Cole USA:The million dollar question: Will Cheryl Cole be a judge? We want Cheryl!
Simon: Cheryl is in the mix, talking to the network this week, hope to announce the 2 remaining judges very shortly.
@RabbleReviver Villhiem Micheál: Do you think it's possible to find a long reigning superstar like Beyonce on #TheXFactorUSA??
Simon: Absolutely yes, thats why I've put up $5 Million as prize.

@AlexBellizzi what are you most excited for about XFactor USA?
Simon: Finding a Star. Launching the new show. I miss judging in America!
@ajwooster Andrew J Wooster Simon, what makes X-Factor different or better than AI, so it's not "just another" talent show. Besides you of course... LOL
Simon: Starting age is lower at 12 Yo. No upper age limit, Groups and $5Million to the winners!

@txmusicgirl76 Jemma Jacobs: What makes you think someone is a star when they walk on stage?
Simon: Like Carrie Underwood and Leona Lewis, if you've got it, it's really obvious.
@AliZahoor Ali Zahoor: What do you think new judge LA Reid will bring to the table?
Simon: He's the No1 Hit maker in the world. Judges get to mentor 3 contestants each in the final. He will make a great mentor.
@TWsian Sian Lynes: Which new artist has appealed to you this new year?
Simon: Jessie J. If you haven't heard of her check her out on YouTube.

@GemmaMcx3 Gemma McNamee: what will you do if the show isn't as successful as it is in the U.K?
Simon: Book a fast flight home.. !

@candacedfox45 Candace Dold: You could work w/ big stars in the Industry. Why is it important to you to dedicate your time to ordinary people trying to b stars
Simon: Love working on the show, when u find a new star for the first time, more fun finding nu talent than working w/ est stars..
@michellesimer: How much of your decision as a judge is weighed upon how the audience reacts to the contestant
Simon: Big difference. And it will help the contestants.
@mndydhn10 Mandy Doohan: Do you think a rapper could do well in the competition or does a contestant have to be able to sing?
Simon: 100% Yes. But with any type of music you've just got to be good.
@KellyLynne1210 Kelly Miller: when is this show gonna air?
Simon: September 2011


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