The Beckham boys are musically gifted, says Posh

Victoria Beckham has revealed that her sons show a natural flair for music, but says they don't get it from her!

In a candid interview, Victoria spilled the beans on her children's love of singing.

'As they go to bed the boys break into a chorus of Walk Like A Man. It’s their favourite song from the Jersey Boys musical,' Posh has told The Sun. '

Cruz is very good at breakdancing as well,' continued Victoria. 'He spins on his head.'

Nevetheless, the singer-turned designer insists that her boys' musical talent doesn't come from her, despite her past as a Spice Girl.

'I’d love to say they get the musical stuff from me, but they don’t,' admitted the 37-year-old.
'But they do have good fashion sense,' she beamed. 'I like to think that they have got that from me.'