10 Vintage Baby Names Inspired By Hollywood

The Best Vintage Baby Names Inspired By Hollywood

Are you experiencing baby name drama? The A-list might have a habit of giving their children bizarre and complicated names but that doesn't mean you can't look to the celebs for your baby name inspiration.

There's a trend of vintage names running through Hollywood and it doesn't just come from '50s glamour stars like Audrey Hepburn and Clark Gable. Scarlett, Nicholas, Cecilia, Lance... these are the old school baby names you're going to love.


If you want a truly striking vintage name how about Scarlett? As well as being the name of Scarlett Johansson, one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood at the moment, it's the name of the seductive Scarlett O'Hara from 'Gone With The Wind'. In terms of the a-list there's also 'Harry Potter' actress Scarlett Byrne, Sylvester Stallone's daughter and Jack White and Karen Elson's child.

The name Eleanor came to England with Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine but more recently it is the name of 'Poldark' star Eleanor Tomlinson. Plus, Jane Austen was a fan of the French name using it for characters in both 'Northanger Abbey' and 'Sense and Sensibility'. The celebs are bringing it back with Diane Lane and Katie Couric just two who have named their daughter Eleanor.

Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza in 'Poldark'

An English combination of Mary and Lynn, the iconic status of the name Marilyn means it’s been underused in recent years, but could it be about to make a come back? The blonde bombshell named herself after star Marilyn Miller after all, and there's also actress Marilyn Chambers, opera singer Marilyn Horne, novelist Marilyn French and lyricist Marilyn Bergman. Plus, don't forget Marilyn Manson… err, maybe not.

Cecilia is a fancy form of Cecil, which comes from a Roman clan name. The martyred Saint Cecilia was the patron of musicians, and the name also appears in novels, 'Hard Times' (by Charles Dickens), 'Atonement' and 'The Hunger Games'. Plus, don't forget the memorable Simon & Garfunkel song, 'Cecilia'. In terms of the A-list, Cecilia Roth is a successful Argentinian actress and legendary actor Gregory Peck chose the name for his daughter, as did fashion designer Vera Wang more recently.

Say Audrey and people think Hepburn, but as well as being the name of the particularly stunning Hollywood starlet it was also the name of a respected saint during the sixth century and a character in Shakespeare's 'As You Like It'. Nowadays French actress Audrey Tatou is flying the flag for the vintage name and celebrities Greg Kinnear, Steve Zahn, and Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have all chosen it for their daughters.


Lance is the short form of Lancelot and has been around for a long time. Scottish novelist, Walter Scott used it for a character as early as 1823 but more recently it's the name of well-known 'Alien' actor, Lance Henriksen. There's also cyclist Lance Armstrong, N'Sync's Lance Bass, not to mention Lance Reddick who's appeared in 'John Wick', 'White House Down' and TV show, 'Fringe'.

King Arthur movie stills

Emperor Charlemagne was the original Charles the Great but since then there have been so many more. Meaning ‘freeman’ the name has many variations, the most popular of which is Charlie. The legendary Charlie Chaplin was actually named Charles, then there's Charles Dickens, not to mention a good number of European royals are named Charles. Currently, celebrities like Jodie Foster and Russell Crowe are bringing the aristocratic name back.

Clark is a great vintage boy's name if you're looking for something simple and strong. Meaning scribe, cleric or scholar, it's probably most well known as the name of 'Gone With The Wing' actor, Clark Gable. Let's not forget Clark Kent (aka Superman) and 'Avengers' actor Clark Gregg though - perfect for any superhero fans out there.

The Greek name Nicholas means 'people of victory' and is a popular vintage boy's name. As well as the obvious St Nicholas, the name is also associated with Russian royalty and Charles Dickens' 'Nicholas Nickleby'. Flying the flag for Hollywood is 'X-Men' star Nicholas Hoult and long-time A-lister Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage

Leonardo means 'brave lion' and for a long time was only known for the Italian Renaissance painter-scientist-inventor, Leonardo da Vinci. Then Leonardo DiCaprio's mother felt him kick for the first time while looking at the 'Mona Lisa' and decided to name him after the artist. As if that's not enough, Leo makes a nice vintage abbreviation if you don't want to of too over the top.