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- In just one word: Brilliant! - Myrna Coxall

- i think its a great song i just dont no why they tane robbie back on when they were doing great on there own. - Lorraine Jermond

- Love this track !!!!!!! - Maria Newman

- i love it, it is so them and to here Robbie sharing the lead singing with Gary work's so well, i hope they have worked out there past and can now be a good boy band like the old day's but better.  they def soon much better too. - Marianne Poynter

- great the boys in white......Lynn Iveson

- I think it's really great, a good choice for their new release with Robbie, can't wait to see them live next year - Tracey Draper

- I could not wait tobuy the progress album when it comes out in november I love the flood single very much will the lyric be on the album. - Agatha Ocean

- I love it, with or without Robbie the boys just get better and better - Tracey McVaigh

- brilliant - Sharon Beesley

- i love the lyrics its got depth and its a story of triumph over adversity i love it the kids love it we love it xxxxx always learning how to dance the rain with these kids there little lives are hard but they shine in the right places xxx me happy in the sand said bobby as his has his brothers lept off the log cabin leg splint and all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me x - Anna Jane

- The song is great. i enjoyed it so much! welcome back robbie! - Gvanta Metskhavarishvili

- I love take that new single i cant wait until the single comes out ive told my mum take that new album is on my xmas list. i'm glad that Gary has for gived Robbie. TAKE THAT ARE THE BEST I LOVE YOU GUYS  LOVE THEIR No1 FAN  LOVE KARINA FROM LUTON XOXOXOXOOXO - Karina Ward
- Just heard it for the first time. Its got to go to the top of the charts. Loved it. Christine Chapman

- brilliant song for their comeback with robbie. bring on the tour dates - Sandra Carter

- brilliant ! cannot wait until it is released - lovely to see Robbie so happy! - Linda Greatrix

- it sound ok - Claire Scutt

- I love it! - Kate Collins

- I love the new song from Take that. Sounds like they are saying to the World of critics TAKE THAT with a flip of the bird - Marion Cassidy

- What an awesome tune!!!!!!!!!!! x So great to hear Robbie back with Gary.Mark,Howard and Jason x A song that will sound absolutely phenomenal played live x Cant wait for the album - Steph Foster

- missed listening this morning to the flood, fanstastic new single cant wait for the tour - Marion Harrigan

- unfortuately u couldn't hear the rest of the band - Sarah Duff

- Great and so pleased they are back together x Diane McGowan

- I love it but think it is too much Robbie - Dawn Wayne


- I thought this was Take That s new single not a Robbie Williams solo where are all the other guys, come share the song around between the boys!! A bit disappointed I have to say. - Carol Hall

- i love the song its realy good i wasnt sure at first that robbie wasnt coming back in the group but i think its made them full again and they are how they used to be lots of love sana xXx - Sana Whinnett

- It was absolutely amazing. It was melodic and catchy and had a touch of their original talent put together, plus more. I am europhoric about it. Awesome!!! - Chrissie Littler

- Didn't hear it played this morning, but from the 16 seconds you have on hear, it sounds like another fantastic Take That song! - Jo Squires

- i love it, a little more of the other band members sharing vocals would be good though .I'll admit i do have my reservations about robbie rejoining but im willing to give him a chance and tif they can all work together then that brilliant.Im very excited about new albulm and the tour. Saw them last year and i still get goosbumps every time i hear their songs or see the dvd - Cheryl Pirie-Warsop

- Love it I was never a take that fan back in the day but since they made their comeback I have loved everything that they have done and to have Robbie back Well Icing on the cake Great work Guys - Carolyn Cudmore

- I do love the song but it's more like a Robbie and Gary song, Theres too much Robbie in the song, we never get to hear anything about the other guys, I miss Mark, Jason and Howard, i think its a great song but i would enjoy it more if i got to hear the others in it xx - Laura Hawe

- Hey everyone...This Song is brilliant, awsome, hot... ! just luv it sooooooo mich!! Love the Guys soooooooooooo much....
TAKE THAT 4 EVER THE BEST THEY RULE MY WORLD &NOBDY ELSE..!! We are holding back the flood... - Ulrike Huck

- Its brilliant!!!  Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!!!!  They all look hot in the video too!!!   Well done Boys!! xxxxxx - Lisa Hurley

- Once again the boys have come up with something even better than the last one!!! Can't wait to hear it in full! - Jo Slater

- Love it!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!! Love it!!!!! Can't wait for the new album and then the tour....yay bring it on!!!!! - Angie Eagles

- Good, but agree with gemma, would like to have heard  the others a bit more, sounds a bit like another gaz and rob duet which is a 'shame' - Tracy Ralph

- Omg I soooo love take that it just keeps me thinking I'm young again i get all goose bumpy lol. The song is a classic tt song n I can't wait for t album n concert fingers crossed I get lucky with tickets!!! I have't missed a uk tour yet!! Nikola Hughes

- I have to say I absolutely love it, been a long time coming for Robbie to join them.  I so can't wait for their album release now.  Well done to the guys to creating such a fabulous new piece of art. xxxx - Michelle Warke

- I have to say I absolutely love it, been a long time coming for Robbie to join them.  I so can't wait for their album release now.  Well done to the guys to creating such a fabulous new piece of art. xxxx Michelle

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