Are These The WEIRDEST Saturday Night Takeaway Viewer Complaints EVER?

Funny Moment Audience Member Thinks She's Picked For 'Win The Ads' - Saturday Night Takeaway


Ant and Dec's Saturday night offering seems to have ruffled a few feathers among viewers for the most bizarre reasons.

The cheeky duo are known for their eye-eateringly funny antics, but it seems as though some viewers don't find Ant and Dec funny at all.

According to a new reports, some people watching at home think the pair have been a bit too close to the mark at times and have been filing a number of complaints. 

Ofcom, the official broadcasting regulator, is reported to have received some strange complaints with one viewer apparently being offended by the use of selfies on the show. 

According to the Daily Mirror, the complaints were as follows: 

  1. Two complaints over a person being shown driving while singing and holding a phone.

  2. Three complaints accusing the show of ‘discrimination’ by always selecting women for the Win The Ads part of the show.

  3. One complaint concerning Dec jokingly threatening to ‘smash’ Ant’s ‘face in’.

  4. One complaint objecting to kids being encouraged to talk about how to get rich from a selfie.

  5. One offensive language complaint currently ‘under assessment’ objecting to chef Gino D’acampo being made to say ‘sheet’ repeatedly.

  6. One complaint about the ‘sexual tone’ when hosts Ant and Dec were named as sixth on a list of men that women fantasise about most

Something tells us whoever complained, needs to lighten up slightly! It's all fun and games eh?

The news comes after viewers curling up on their sofa were left watching the TV from behind their fingers on Saturday night, as a lady mistakenly thought she had been picked from the audience to win a stack of prizes.

As part of of the show, an oversized hand swept over the audience in a bid to select a winner at random, and a woman jumped up after believing she had been picked.

Bless her!

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Obviously, the woman was overjoyed but after a short-lived celebration she was left red-faced as she soon realised it was actually the woman behind her who had won the prize.

As audience members giggled, Ant quickly reassured the woman: “Bit of confusion there... sorry love, it was one behind you!” 

Viewers at home swiftly took to Twitter to poke fun at the TV blunder, whilst others shared their sympathy. 

Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence's tastebuds were put to the test as she was made to take part in an eating challenge courtesy of little Ant and Dec.

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The actress, who was joined by her 'Hunger Games' co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson, was left grimacing as she attempted to eat a pork pie blindfolded as part of a guessing game.

Other foods on the menu was school dinner favourite Spotted Dick.

Watch the hilarious game below!