Are Your Eyes Good Enough To Work Out This Festive Brain Teaser?

Spot The Money In Santa's Sack

We've nearly pulled a muscle from squinting in the hopes of solving this mind boggling puzzle.

Sick of staring at pictures of Santa yet? Well then you've come to the wrong place then!

This brain teaser from asks you to spot the money in Santa's sack, but its a lot harder than it looks.

All the sacks have what appears to be money in, but one is slightly more bulging than the others...

Spot The Money In Santa's Sack 

Can you see it?

Maybe try and squint harder...

Or whip out a magnifying glass...

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Its a very subtle answer but here is it!

Santa Money Sack Answer

See how its stuffed full with money more than the others?

Don't kick yourself too hard, it is the hardest one we've seen yet!