Cold Feet Finale Left Fans Wondering If Adam Will Be Back For Series 7!

Cold Feet hostage

There was a tense moment in an off-licence that had us thinking that maybe Adam might not be around for the next series...

Last week ITV announced that Cold Feet would be returning for another series. However, the comeback's series finale had fans on the edge of their seats at one point when it looked like Adam might not be around for the next series. 

We're talking about THAT hostage situation of course. 

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When Adam (James Nesbitt) and Pete (John Thomson) popped out to the off-licence to buy some more booze for Adam's surprise birthday party, they found themselves unexpectedly held at gunpoint. 

What are the chances that the best friends happened to be in the shop exactly the same time that a crazed 

And things got even worse when the cashier hit the panic button under the counter which meant the store went into lock-down, trapping everyone inside the store - complete with deranged gunman - until the police arrived. 

Some viewers were confused at the hostage situation: 

Whilst others thought this scene marked the end of Adam's time on the show, despite this series making a 13 year comeback: 

Others couldn't cope:

And the episode got some serious Heart lovin':

It's okay though because Adam and Pete survived and Adam was inspired to go get the girl aka his landlady Tina, played by Leanne Best. 

However, it's this tweet that sums it up best of all...

Until 2017 Cold Feet-ers!