Three 'Married At First Sight' Couples SPLIT Despite Swearing To Stick It Out!

Married At First Sight couple

We had such high hopes but all of our favourite Married At First Sight couples are officially on the road to splitsville! Here's the juicy gossip...

Sorry 'Married At First Sight' fans, but a big bolt of bad news is heading your way!

It turns out three, yes THREE, of our fave couples from the show have decided to call it a day. *Sob*

Although they promised to stay together, these couples just couldn't imagine living together forever... surprising considering they literally ONLY JUST MET?! #surprisednotsurprised

Let's all wave goodby to Adam and Sara, Steve and Lucie and Clark and Melissa!

We had especially high hopes for Melissa and Clark, pictured above, who were such a beautiful couple! Even though five weeks after their rushed wedding they said they wanted to give a relationship a go, they ended up going their separate ways just five months on. 

So, who's still together? 

Adam and Caroline were revealed to be the only duo still giving it a shot on Tuesday night's finale episode. We can't say we're surprised - they had amazing chemistry from the moment they saw each other!

Even Steve and Lucie are no more! Look how happy they look below... 

Married At First Sight

Sadly Lucie and Steve, or 'Stucie' as we nicknamed them, decided they didn't fancy each other. 

"There is a little spark but no fireworks. Being married to Lucie is not what I expected," Steve said. OUCH. 

And Sara and Adam's relationship also hit the rocks after the pair moved in together.

It's safe to say the internet had a few choice words about the show, including some really spectacular memes! 

What did you think of Married At First Sight? Will ANYONE make it work?