6 Things From 'Back To The Future' That Came True In 2015 (And 6 That Didn't!)

Then and Now Back To The Future Christopher Lloyd

It's 'Back To The Future' day and we take a look at the predictions that came true and the ones that were even too bizarre be real in 2015!

It's 21.10.2015 and Marty McFly and Doc Brown have just landed in the future. It's different to 1985, the world they left behind. It's strange. It's a land of flat screens, conference calls and men wearing two ties... Well, not quite. 

Here's a roundup of some of the things Back To The Future II predicted what 2015 would be like. 

And for added entertainment, scroll down for the list of things that the film didn't quite get right! 

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The ones that came true... 

1. The hover board


Okay, so we're not all floating to work on them yet, but they do exist. 

2. Fingerprint scanner

Back to the future fingerprint

Picture: Back To The Future II

Scarily, fingerprint scanning has become part of our everyday lives and for many of us, it's something we take for granted as it sits in our pockets...

3. Video calls

 Back to the future conference call

Picture: Back To The Future II

The idea of being able to see someone in an entirely different place whilst you talk to them over a video call doesn't seem such a farfetched idea any more. What with FaceTime, Skype and the like, video calling on the go is totally normal. 

4. Flat screens  

The video calls took place on flat screens which is something we take for granted today.

These were invented in 1964 but didn't become popular with the public until around 2006. To be honest though, 2006 was such a long time ago that even the excitement of flat screens seem like a thing of the past! 

5. 3D films

We are yet to be attacked by 3D images on our commutes to work, but the film did predict correctly that 3D films would overtake 2D. And it's getting that way, what with the rise in popularity with cinemas like IMAX. 

6. Handheld computer tablets

Back to the future tablet

Picture: Back to The Future II

Remember this scene where a man holds out a petition for Marty to sign ON A TABLET? Granted it's clunkier than the ones that we use today, but handheld computers and tablets are so commonplace that they are even used in some schools. 

... And the ones that didn't...

These predictions didn't quite make it by 2015, but who knows what the future holds? 

1. The double tie look...

Back to the future

Picture: Back To The Future II

Thank god this fashion has not caught on. No one tell Kim Kardashian...

2. The Internet - where is it?

Back To The Future II definitely underestimated the power of the Internet. By 1989 (the year the film was released), the Internet was already being used since it's 'invention' in 1983, but it was nothing like what it is today. 

The 2015 in the film didn't appreciate the power of the web and it was still majorly paper based. I mean seriously, where would we be without the internet? You wouldn't be reading this, that's for sure. 

3. Self tying laces

Nope, we're still tying these ourselves. It's takes up SO MUCH of our day... *sarcasm*

4. No mobile phones - there's still phone-boxes everywhere! 

A phone-box? What's a phone-box? To be honest, even this gif of Channing Tatum using a flip phone is old.

5. Pizza that grows in the microwave

Despite still being a key ingredient to our diets, this is yet to happen.

6. Flying cars

This can't be far off can it?

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