Watch: Move Over Mickey! Your Long Lost Ancestor Is The New Star In Town

A little known Disney character has been found to be the star of a long lost cartoon which predates any other Disney animation!

Oswald the rabbit takes the leading role in the new cartoon called 'Sleigh Bells', which has lovingly been resorted by Walt Disney Studios to it original glory.

The clip shows the adorable rabbit ice skating and having the time of his life. 

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Walt Disney and his team first drew the animations for Oswald in 1927 for Universal Studios.

Little Oswald was widely loved for his "mischievous and rebellious personality", the British Film Institute said. But he was sadly usurped by Mickey, who went on to receive huge fame.

"A number of other (Oswald) films do survive but 'Sleigh Bells' has been, until now, a lost film, unseen since its original release," the BFI said.

Watch a later full length cartoon starring Oswald: 

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