Prepare To Be Blown Away By These Disney Princes Singing In Their Native Languages

Disney Princes In Their Native Language


Prince Eric speaking Dutch and The Beast in French...hearing these iconic Disney Princes singing in the right language for their origins will amaze you!

We love all the Disney Princes (okay, we admit, Aladdin is our fave!) but hearing them sing in their 'native languages' is really interesting...

A clever YouTuber has put together a montage of all the Disney Princes singing and speaking in the languages that match their character's origins. So Aladdin is singing in Arabic, Li Shang is singing in Mandarin and the Beast is singing in French!

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We've already seen the Disney Princesses singing in their native languages, so it's great to see the chaps doing their thing now too. 

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There's also lovely Kristoff from Frozen singing in Norwegian and Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid singing in Dutch. 

Amazingly, the songs still retain their classic feel even in a different language. In fact, we know the words so well this could be a great way to learn a new language...well, at least we could sing 'A Whole New World' in Arabic! 

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Don't you think the Princes sound sexier in French?! Let us know your thoughts below...