Now THIS Is A Girl Power Disney Movie That We Would All Love To See

Tangled Rapunzel

After a fan mocked up this Disney film poster the world is now convinced it has to be made!

Over time, Disney princess have been becoming more and more badass.

But a Disney fan has mocked up a poster for what could be the most girl power filled Disney princess movie yet and it has gone totally viral.

Reddit user Teagone uploaded this to the site and the internet immediately went in to meltdown.


Mocked up Disney princess film poster


The poster for would be wild 'Punched' shows a princess with huge Pixar eyes in a grey hoodie holding up bright red boxing gloves.

The tag line of the 'movie' reads "most princesses wear a ring, this princess dominates one".


We would LOVE to see a Disney princess look as kick ass and cool as this one does and many seem to agree even going to the lengths of creating the plot.

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One commenter said "Spoiler alert: she's undefeated, she gets beat, training montage and then she wins her title back. End of movie".

And one even let their imagination run as wild as creating an entire series!

"They could have a string of movies with different princesses in various occupations. Princess as construction worker. Princess as fast food employee. Princess as web developer. Princess as President. Princess as Supreme Court Justice nominee. Princess as professional protester."

Lets not get carried away....

But Disney, please, this would be so FAB!