Meet The Lady Who Brings The Harry Potter Goblins To Life!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - Creature Effects


Sarita Allison is a Creature Effects Artist - and yes, if you think this sounds like job from another planet... you wouldn't be far wrong!

The talented makeup artist is tasked with bringing many of the beloved characters from the Harry Potter film series to life.

From prosthetic goblin heads, to bearded demi-giants, it's all in a days work for the talented artist. 

It's painstaking work and Sarita's daily jobs could include anything from creating and applying masks to individually putting eyebrows hairs into animatronic heads. 

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She's worked as part of a 140-strong team on magical movies stars including the Gringott's Goblins and even Hagrid himself, creating every wrinkle and facial feature.

A typical day on set can start as early as 4am and Sarita says mornings tend to be the most intense when working on big films!

In an interview with Metro, Sarita confessed that her favourite movie in the 'Harry Potter' franchise is the final one, which she found "most thrilling" to work on!

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Our verdict: Considering most of our colleagues are like Goblins before they have their morning coffee, what's the harm in jacking in the day job and going to work with them full time?