Chris Hemsworth Goes Shirtless In Dramatic Film 'In The Heart Of The Sea'

In the Heart of the Sea - Final Trailer [HD]


Chris Hemsworth is back in a big-budget adaption of the tale of Moby Dick.

This incredibly dramatic trailer displays the peril and the beauty of sailing the oceans in the early 19th century, combined with a few smoulders from one of our favourite Australians: Chris Hemsworth.

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It is such a shame that Hemsworth seemingly spends so much of this film with a wet shirt. Such a shame.

Seriously though, this film looks incredibly powerful, combining a physical and physiological thrill ride with an exceptionally strong cast. 

Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins), Ben Whishaw (Spectre and Skyfall) and relative new-comer Tom Holland (the next Spiderman) are directed by Oscar award-winning director Ron Howard (A Beautiful Mind).

Hemsworth plays Owen Chase, great name, the First Mate of the ship called the 'Essex'. But you won't see any glam or fake tans in this film, which depicts the struggle for survival after the boat is left destroyed by a white Sperm Whale. 

Hemsworth revealed that the cast were put on a diet of only 500-600 calories a day to achieve the look of the starved sailors.

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This film seems different to many of the movies coming out of Hollywood at the moment and is set to be released on Boxing Day here in the UK. We can't wait to see this one!