12 Invaluable Lessons Disney Films Taught Us

disney life lessons canvas

No matter how old you are, we can almost definitely pick out at least one Disney film that has been the basis of some of our adulthood decision making... 

Whether it's Timon and Pumbaa's nonchalant attitude to life or Peter Pan's wish to never grow up that inspires you, here's some of the key lessons our favourite Disney movies taught us. 

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1. Always be yourself 

If Mulan taught us anything it is to be yourself, no matter what. Because pretending will only lead to unhappiness for you and those around you. More importantly, how can you kick an evil warlord's butt if you don't feel like you?

2. Dream BIGGER!

Ray from The Princess and the Frog sets us inspirational goals. He's fallen in love with the brightest star in the sky and no one's going to stop him from dreaming big. 

3. True beauty isn't about looks

Belle found the man of her dreams by looking beyond the Beast's face. The moral is that it's what's on the inside that counts.

4. Just keep swimming

When life gives you lemons, don't give, keep pushing on and before you know it you will be sipping on lemonade. 

5. Growing older doesn't have to mean growing up

If Disney ever gave us life advice it was this: enjoy your childhood. And just because you're an 'adult' doesn't mean you have to behave like one!

6. Don't take life too seriously

Chill out man. Hakuna matata...

7. Take a walk in someone else's shoes

Before judging a person, try and see things from their point of view. 

8. Work hard to achieve your dreams 

The things you want most won't just come to you, you have to seek them out and work for them. And when you get there, you'll feel so rewarded.

9. You can't just 'wish' things to come true

Sitting around and waiting for things to happen is not the key to life. Get up off your butt and go make it happen!

10. Looking out of the window isn't enough

Stop hanging around the outskirts, gazing at what you want to be part of. Get out there and enjoy it! 

11. Never be silenced

You were born with a voice, use it and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. 

12. And if all else fails, drink...

We jest of course!