EXCLUSIVE: 'I Hated It!' Johnny Depp Claims He Wasn't A Fan Of His Moustache In 'Mortedcai'.

The 51-year-old actor and co-star Paul Bettany dish exclusively to Heart on behind-the-scenes gossip, injuries during filming and that all important question: 'To 'tache or not to 'tache?'

Johnny Depp may be a fan of the a goatee, but it seems he wasn't so keen to transition to a moustache for his role new role as British aristocrat and dodgy art dealer Mortedecai. 

"I hated it, it obstructed this whole area!" Johnny told showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes of his facial hair, before joking that co-star Paul had donated his own bodily hair to help pad out his prosthetic gruff.

Speaking on whether his kids were fans of the look, he added: "They thought it was ridiculous!"

Did Paul Bettany suffer any gruelling injuries? And why couldn't Gwyneth Paltrow stop laughing on set? Watch the video to find out!