Internet Freaks Out Over Nicole Kidman's Weird Clapping At The Oscars

27 February 2017, 10:18

Nicole Kidman's weird clap

By Hollie Borland

One twitter user asked: 'Does Nicole Kidman even know how to clap?'

The Oscars 2017 may have been packed full with all of the drama it promised, including THAT awkward moment when La La Land accidentally picked up Moonlight's award for Best Picture. 

But it's Nicole Kidman's bizarre way of clapping that appears to have stolen the show.

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As the camera zoomed in for a close up of the 49-year-old actress giving a standing ovation for one of her winners, she showcased a bonkers style of clapping. 

Rather than putting both of her hands together to clap, she appeared to only make the sound by meeting her the palms of her hands. 

Oscars viewers took to twitter to see if anyone else had spotted it, with one saying "why can't Nicole Kidman clap?' and another dressing up as the actress to recreate the clap. 

But a Nicole Kidman fan group has hit back with the sassiest response:

Touché Nicole Kidman, touché.