Sex & The City 2

Carrie and the girls are back and glamorous as ever in the follow-up to the first movie in 2008.

Release Date: 28th May 2010

Check out the trailer below.





Are you excited to see the ladies back?  Does the fashion look amazing?  Let us know your thoughts by contacting us below.

Your comments

David - OMG! Just watched the full trailer for the first time, twice and the advert has just been on too! Cannot wait for SATC2, it all looks amazing, the girls, the fashion, the men, everything! I need tickets! x

Jodene - Even my fella is looking forward to seeing it! I absolutely adore SATC and play the DVD's over and over again. Great girly escapism!

Annette - I have seen every episode at least 10 times - I just love Big and Aiden. I loved the first film and can't wait for the second.

Lisa - Yes of course, best pick -me - up film of the year!

Melanie - CAN NOT WAIT ! watched the first film again last night, laughed, cried, cried again, counting the days !!!!

Ellie - yes def, it looks fantastic and loving the fashion. They all look great.

Sue - very excited the trailer looks amazin countin down the days till its on our screen :)

Naomi - oh yes cant wait love the show and first film

Katie - YES, im sooo excited!! Cant wait Sex and the city's first film was amazing....x


Emma - Cannot wait to see this. Didn't think anything could top the last one, so fingers crossed.

Julie - Can't wait. It was a great show!

Pat - yes i am i cant wait to go to the cinema and see it with my girlfriends ,so pleased that you have made another film thank you a great deal pat poor

Lucie - yes yes yes yes yes it looks fabulous i can't wait am soooooooooooo excited

Sex and the City 2

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