Tear-jerking films

With Toy Story 3 reportedly making grown men cry all over the country, we want to know what your top tear-jerkers are.

Fans of Disney may have already shed a tear or two watching love blossom between two very different robots in Wall-E or witnessing an unlikely friendship between an old man, a boy and a dog in 2009’s Up and it's now time again to reach for that handkerchief as the much awaited animated film Toy Story 3 is released.

Whether it's tragic love stories like Titanic , heart-warming classics like 1946's It’s a Wonderful Life , cute pets-led films like Marley and Me or death row mysteries such as The Green Mile , some films have the power to make us cry uncontrollably.

We want to know what films are always guaranteed to make you cry , so why not e-mail us using the form below? To give you a helping hand we have put together a few tear-jerking film scenes for you.

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Up : an old man, a boy and a dog take the trip of their lifetime

It's a Wonderful Life : Friends and family come to James Stewart's rescue

Titanic: Jack and Rose's tragic love is unforgettable for many

Marley and Me : Cute and mischievous, pup Marley brought a tear to our eyes

Tear-jerker: what's yours?

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