Watch: Disney's Zootropolis Is Unleashed On The World

Zootropolis - UK Trailer 1 - OFFICIAL Disney | HD


Welcome to Disney’s latest offering. Set in the huge city of Zootropolis, a modern day city with a twist - it's inhabited by peace loving animals who all just want an easy life! In a city of animals... what could go wrong?!

Introducing Judy Hopps - an enthusiastic rabbit traffic cop voiced by Ginnifer Goodwin (Mona Lisa Smile), who hopes to make her name with a big case.
However, with the unlikely help of her natural enemy Nick Wild, a con artist Fox voiced by Jason Bateman (Horrible Bosses), a case soon to comes to light that the pair can work on.

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Together they lead a cast that includes Hollywood heavy-hitters such as Idris Elba (Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom), the Buffalo Chief of Police, and J. K. Simmons (Whiplash), the Lion Mayor of Zootropolis.
The new trailer will have you rolling the aisles when you see the impatient Hopps next to Flash the Sloth. 
Screenshots from Disney Zootropolis

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The hilarious footage looks like it’s set to have both youngsters and the more immature amongst us giggling away.
Disney’s absence from the world of Animation in 2015 has fuelled excitement for their upcoming film set for release in March 2016 and directed by Tangled’s Byron Howard and Wreck-It Ralph’s Rich Moore. 

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