Dramatic Scene In Coronation Street Overshadowed By Plug Socket Gaffe!

Pat Phelan Coronation Street

Last night's episode of Coronation Street saw Andy face his worst nightmare as Pat Phelen blackmailed him for cash.

In a dramatic key scene, the realisation of the consequences facing Andy (Oliver Farnworth) after he attacked psychopath Phelan (Connor McIntyre) in the builder's yard was supposed to be a real Christmas game changer. 

However, viewers seemed more distracted by the impossible number of double plug sockets behind Phelan's hospital bed.

Socketgate was picked up viewers who took to Twitter to express their confusion. 

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Following his recent warning to Andy, scheming Phelan summoned him to the hospital so that he could make his demands in person. Phelan told his new victim that he wanted money in exchange for his silence over who really assaulted him in the builders' yard. 

Although he's not convinced at first, Andy quickly realises that there's no denying Phelan. Instead he makes a drastic decision to get out of this mess. 

Oh the drama!