Here's The Reason Why Bradley Wiggins Is STILL On The Jump Despite Pulling Out!

Sir Bradley Wiggins has had to pull out of The Jum

Many fans were left scratching their heads during last night's episode.

Last week the news broke that Sir Bradley Wiggins was forced to pull out of The Jump due to a leg fracture.

So many confused fans took to Twitter last night when the ex-cyclist appeared on the show last night despite his departure!

We don't blame viewers for being confused as it does all sound a little strange! 

But the truth is, some parts of The Jump are pre-recorded and due to that, Bradley will actually be starring in the show until week 4 of the competition. 

So there is a perfectly innocent explanation after all!

 "Due to the way the show is filmed I'll still be on until show 4, so tune in," Sir Bradley revealed.