Muggy or A Melt? These Love Island Phrases Have The Nation In Stitches

From 'muggy' to 'melt', and all 'eggs in one basket', working out just what they're all trying to say is an absolute minefield.

Love Island 2017

There's no doubt this season of Love Island has been full of drama but if there's one thing that perplexes us all, it's their odd choice of language.

While a lot of the islanders seem partial to the odd, ahem, four letter word, there have been other's who've have left us scratching our heads.

From 'muggy' to 'melt', and all 'eggs in one basket', working out just what they're all trying to say is an absolute minefield.

Former Love Island star fabulous Essex girl Chloe Crowhurst spoke to Heart and gave us the rundown of just some of the phrases that have had the nation in stitches.


Love Island 2017 Lingo Definitions

'Crack On'  

To crack on with someone means to escalate your relationship with someone you fancy. This could be to flirt, kiss or more. 

'Digging Me Out'

You don't ever want to dig someone out. This basically means you've offended them with an insult or shady comment. 

'Eggs In One Basket'

With the ever changing relationships in the villa, you never want to get all your hopes up and put all your eggs in one basket in case that particular relationship doesn't work out.  


If you want to find love in the villa, then you need to be willing to put the work in. A bit of grafting means you need to pull out all the stops to impress the person you fancy.


Often referred to as 'Tuna Melt', this indicates that someone is a bit soft. 


'Mugged Off'


This is a particular favourite of the Love Island crew and means that you've been made to feel embarrassed or humiliated.    


There's nothing worse than being ignored by you peers, which can feel like you've been left with one big pie in your face. 

'Stick It On Ya'

This is when you fancy someone and you bring your A-game and go in for the kill with a sloppy kiss. 


When you're really mad at someone, sometime you can get a little salty, which means sassy and sharp-tongued. 


If you're a backstabber, then you will be called a snake!

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