There's Utter Chaos On This Morning As Horse Poops On The Carpet On LIVE TV

4 July 2017, 15:17

There's Utter Chaos On This Morning As A Horse Poo

By Hollie Borland

Watch the moment Holly Willougby and Phillip Schofield descend into a fit of giggles as a horse poos on the set of 'This Morning' on live telly.

Presenting duo Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were speaking to a pony trainer about whether guide ponies could replace dogs in the years to come when the bizarre incident occurred. 

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Phillip said: "A guide dog is unlikely to poo on the kitchen floor. Can horses be house trained?" 

As Phillip was asking the question, the pony pooped on the studio floor, prompting the presenter to say: "Oh there we go, perfect timing, absolute perfect timing! 

"I'm sure that a person who has impaired sight would find that extremely useful on the kitchen rug. Very good. I think you've proved my point here, that there are limitations between horses and dogs." 

The pony trainer kept calm during the rest of the memorable segment - but Holly struggled to contain her giggles and compose herself. 

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Picture | ITV

The surreal scenario came less than a month after Holly had to hide her face from the cameras because she'd burst into a fit of laughter. 

In June, the 36-year-old beauty was reading out a list of segments set to appear on the show, which included her long-time showbiz pal Fearne Cotton making some beetroot cupcakes in the kitchen. 

Holly said: "At 12:15, we'll be tasting Fearne Cotton's cupcakes..." 

But the turn of phrase left Holly incapable of continuing and as she crouched on the floor to escape the attention of the TV cameras, Phillip assumed control. 

He said: "I can't believe you have to do that. You're doing it on telly so you don't wet your pants. Here's the beauty desk." Then, Holly got to her feet and added: "You're not helping ... I'm back, I'm back."