WATCH! Holly And Phil Take On The After Eight Challenge And There's A CLEAR Winner!

Who Will Be Victorious in the After Eight Challenge? | This Morning


One made light work of the chocolatey challenge... the other needs a little more practise!

We all know Holly and Phil have tons of fun together on This Morning, but this challenge is certainly one of the sillier things they've done!

The duo dressed in personalised Christmas jumpers to give the 'After Eight Challenge' a try. 

If you haven't heard of it, players have to balance an After Eight mint on their foreheads and then twitch their eyebrows, nose and face muscles to move the mint down into their mouths. The first person to scoff the whole thing wins! 

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As the two start making silly facial expressions to move the mint it's Holly who storms ahead. In fact, she made it look ridiculously easy!

Poor Phil he was way behind! 

Fortunately, neither of them were left with a streak of melted chocolate on their faces. 

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Of course, Holly and Phil couldn't resist making a thinly-veiled joke about some of their celeb pals who've had botox, commenting that their lack of facial movement would scupper them in the After Eight challenge. 

Holly even jokes that it's a good way to see who's had work done! 

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Will you be giving this challenge a try round the dinner table this Christmas?