JK and Lucy's Neverending Story

Remember that game at school when you wrote a line of a story, then folded the paper over and passed it round? Then you'd unravel the paper at the end and see what you've got?

Well JK and Lucy miss those days and want to recreate them with every guest that pops in to Heart Breakfast in 2012.

Maybe at the end of it we might have a story worth reading(?)

We'll then be looking for illustrators and publishers and we'll put the story on sale to raise money for charity.

This is how it works...

  • JK and Lucy wrote the first line of the story
  • Every celeb that comes in is allowed to listen to the previous line from the story
  • They then have to write the next line, leaving it open for the next celeb
  • And so on, and so on...

Here's how it goes so far...

JK and Lucy:    Once upon in a studio just around the corner on the South Coast there was a little lad called JK, and hungry little lady called Lucy...
James Morrison:  The out of nowhere flew into the studio a flying dog, which carried bags of M&Ms on it's back, and fed Lucy and JK and it was all good... until...
James Martin: We found some left and so what James Martin did (as his was venturing in to the studio at the same time) is created a lovely little souffle - a nice delicate souffle - with a little banana ice cream on the side of it, with a touch of spun sugar...
Marcus Collins: So when the souffle was ready, he brought it in to the studio and everybody in the office really enjoyed it. And then Marcus Collins sung them a lovely song and we all smiled and had a good time...
 Daniel Radcliffe: Until Daniel Radcliffe flew over in a fighter jet and bombed the place and they all had to run away screaming.
Olly Murs: We don't know where to go.... we're looking left, we're looking right, we're looking up, we're even looking down. We see this house, we run in the house and there is our worst nightmare. Jedward. Sitting there. Eating Shreddies.
Christina Perri: So then Christina Perri came in with the English delicacy ‘beans on toast’ and said “Would you like to have some beans on toast?” and Jedward said “No, we don’t like beans on toast” and Christina said “Me too!”, and they ran off holding hands in to the sunset. Meanwhile…


The next installment of JK and Lucy's Neverending Story won't be far away... until then you can listen to everybody reading their bits here.

JK and Lucy's Neverending Story

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