Dan's Idle Threats

On Heart Drivetime I asked you if there a better idle threat than, "If you don't stop mucking about, I'll stop the car and you can walk the rest of the way?"

See if you agree with some of the suggestions…

Cindy Ann De Sousa says "If you don't stop now, that place I booked in a far away boarding school is ready now!"

Karen Butcher said ‎"If you don't stop swearing at the Xbox, I'll throw it out of the window" - which I would never do, because of the cost of replacing it!

Ian Wilson said "We're camping at the moment and my oldest teenager has been threatened with being sent home by train!"

Melanie Hammond said "I'm not a parent but the one that always makes me laugh is 'if you don't stop doing that, the police will come and get you and take you away!'

Alison Kerridge-Mccoll said "Biggest has to be 'wait till your father gets home!' Worked every time... He he"

Debbie Strain said "I have actually made my teenage daughter get out of the car and walk home the rest of the way ... it was only half a mile, but she was NOT happy!"

Mel Hitchcock said "I made my son get out the car miles from home once and drove off… his friends were in the car and he got home about two hours later soaking wet"

Hayley Elcomestbking said "I tell my 8 year old(who is a typical Jekyll & Hyde) that if she doesn't stop misbehaving she won't be staying at Nanny's, and she will be in her room for the rest of the week."

Jemma Hunt said "The threat I use on my (almost) 8 year old son... "Behave or I will put you outside with no clothes on!" - it has the desired effect!

Charlene Maines said "I have already started 'If you misbehave then Father Christmas isn't coming" and it's working… I just need to  figure out how I can drag it out for the next 4 months ...... :-/ #waytooearly"

Emma Nicholson said "I stop the car and say 'let me know when you have finished and I will start driving again'"

Brett Owen Bramall said "I once heard 'If you don't cut it out the child catcher will come and get you... not something i would EVER say but it obviously worked for that Mother!"


Any suggestions of your own? Let me know!