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Thursday 1st April.


As far as I know we were the only show this morning to guarantee not to try any April Fools pranks on you. Instead we spent the morning asking what you would do if you were Prime Minister to make our lives better. No surprises that with a Bank Holiday weekend ahead of us lots of you decided free beer was the way forward to gain popularity in the post at Number 10! I also asked you to tip me off if you spotted any attempts to fool us all, I think between us we got the lot from the daily papers.

The Daily Mail reports that the AA will start trialing breakdown men fitted with jet packs from today, for a faster response. [Mail, P.3]

The Express says The Queen flew easyjet from Luton to Aberdeen yesterday - in a bid to play a 'practical joke' on Prince Philip.[Express P.9]

The Star pictures a deceptively attractive and slim woman who spends seven hundred pounds a month on chocolate - even sprinkling it on her evening pasta.[Star P.11]

The Telegraph says specially trained ferrets are being used to lay down broadband internet cables in rural areas. [Telegraph P.3]

The Sun makes newspaper history today - apparently - by printing the world's first flavoured page. You are invited to lick the white square...[Sun, P.17]

Hope you have a Fool proof day!!



This morning I think we were all still suffering after losing an hours sleep Sunday, and losing an hour made me wonder what stuff we all do to try & save time. Unsurprisingly most ideas revolved around get ready for work or getting the kids to school on time but there were a few other gems. Debbie told us she prepares all the veg for Sunday lunch on Saturday night to save time when trying to get a roast dinner on the table every week and she always plans her route on a map before leaving home rather than try & read the map when you're out and already lost.

On Tomorrow morning's show I ask "What is the nicest thing your other half has ever done for you out of the blue & why?"

Time to get home now & continue my piano practice, I'm addicted to a piece I'm trying to play and wont stop until I get it right!!!

Have a great Monday enjoying the joy that is British Summer Time.... LOL





Friday 26th March 2010

This morning we asked how you can tell your other half is not quite telling the whole truth. Not in a dishonest lying way but more like when they're keeping a secret or trying to organise a surprise for you. I always get a bit flustered when telling fibs & the good Lady Mrs Mills goes bright red.

Part One of the Time Tunnel was particulaly good this morning, it was 6 songs from the year I first had a go at being a DJ at the school disco and the youth club... 1976.

In the office the other day we started talking about our favourite toys from our past, without doubt mine was my meccano set, I loved all the winches & pulleys and built so many cranes I'm surprised I didn't end up in a job designing bridges or something. On the show tomorrow morning (Thursday) I'll be asking what you think the best toy of all time was. Get in touch and let me know with the form below or sign up on the show's facebook page .

I'm off up to London now for a meeting this afternoon, Have a great Wednesday and remember.... it's almost payday!!!

Martin x


On the show this morning we had our first Have a Heart auction. It was for a trip to London where MP Gary Streeter would take you for tea & a tour of the houses of parliment, including sitting in to see the afternoons session. Thank You & Well Done to Roger who lives near Kingsbridge for your bid of £200 that has secured this great day out for you.

We all know that some of Alice in Wonderland was filmed in the South West but what has happend where you live that makes it famous? As our Have a Heart appeal week continues I'll be opening the phone lines for you to bid for your family to be zookeepers for the day at Dartmoor Zoo. You can pre-bid for this here.

I'm meeting an old friend for a chinese lunch today so looking forward to that and after sitting around watching Argyle win last night I think I need some excersice tonight on the badminton court looking forward to that too.

Hope you manage a little Guiness today to celebrate paddy's day!!


Martin xx


On the show this morning I found out that 10% of men had nightmares about their Mother in Law, not me though I have to say. I wanted to know then what it is that women dream about.

We had the usual ones about Brad Pitt & other movie & pop stars and quite a few women who said they dreamed of water, fish and swimming while they were pregnant... strange.

This morning on the show we also launched our Have a Heart charity appeal properly. We're raising money for the Starlight Childrens Foundation click here for more details . My challenge is to have my picture taken by as many village and town signs in the South Hams as I can in just 3 hours. Please help me raise loads by donating here .

Tomorrow morning I'll tell you about one of my strange routines that bring me luck & asking what are yours?

Have a great Monday in the sunshine & remember to peg out!!!


Martin x





Friday 12th March

What a hectic week it's been. With it being Mothers Day on Sunday I asked this morning what great piece of advise has your Mother given you. There were loads that came in on the phone, on text and on our facebook page . The best I think was from Dani who's Mum has always said "little pickers wear big knickers" Brilliant.  

The other thing that came up this morning was Michaela's thoughts of doing a car boot sale this weekend. She wanted to know how to get people to leave her alone until she'd had a chance to set out her stall. Chris sent us this e-mail guide on the best way to do things.

Advice for the 2 or 3 times a year car boot seller.

Decide beforehand are you selling an item to make the most money or to get the space back in your home?  That will help you decide how much you want for it and just getting rid of it to someone else may be a result.

Decide on a price in your own mind and add 20%.  Everyone wants a bargain.  But you need to justify why you are dropping the price and my tack is 'Well I wanted 5 quid but I've had an offer of 4 already so if you'll give me 4 your can have it.'

As for the vultures that pounce as soon as you arrive.  Either get out of the car, lock it and set off to have a look around yourself, by the time you get back the vultures will have moved on.  Or when you get the 'Have you got any  whatever the item' no sorry - yes, lie.  Or if someone starts with the 'How much is this' then say '20 quid', 20 times what it is worth and follow up immediately with 'but give me 5 minutes, come  back and we can agree a sensible price'.  Most often they won't come back but most often they didn't really want it but there is something about some people that they have to be front of the queue though even they don't know why.

And finally if you started at 7 quid but you really won't go lower than a fiver and someone is hassling you and offering 3 then say 'Look I wanted 7 now it's 5 quid or I put it back in the car' pick it up and make it clear you will put it away.



I played 3 hours of badminton last night so feeling it a bit this morning, that's bad news as I've got a tough game of squash with Bill at lunchtime!! My just giving page went live today to raise money for our Have a Heart charity. Michaela has challenged me to have my photo taken by as many town & village name signs across the South Hams as I can in 3 hours. Goodnes only knows how many I might manage.

This morning on the show I wanted to know what excuses you use to get out of things at home you don't want to do. There was a couple of reasonable ideas, I'll try them out and let you know.

For a bit of fun on Friday morning I'm asking what things it's OK to do now we're adults, send me your thoughts using the form at the bottom of this page.

I may be a little ragged tomorrow morning as I'm off for a boys night out tonight for steak & red wine!! Wish me luck.

Martin. x




Wednesday 3rd.

We had some really exciting Robbie Williams news this morning.....

Heart’s Love Music Live is back, and you can win tickets to an incredible exclusive intimate event with Robbie Williams on Thursday 18th March at a glamorous London, West End location.

See him perform your favourite tracks at this once in a lifetime gig.

We’ll have details on your first chance to win on Monday morning.

On the show Wednesday morning, I would love to have a football stadium or stand named after me & Michaela would like a wildlife park named after her. After Sharron Davies is having the new Plymouth swimming pool after her we asked, if you could have anything named after you, what would it be?

A hard boiled sweet! I think half of my weekly calories come out of the local sweet shop!!! sam and cream, rhubarb and sam... yummy! Sam Taylor.
How about a Take That song.... Just about me... *sighs* If only hey!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥. Jodie Garnham.
a karaoke bar so everyone could have a good time from vicky tucker.
Even though I've got loads and loads of DIY to do at home I'm off to the gym today & badminton tonight. On the show Thursday morning I'll be asking what excuses you use to try and get out of stuff you really don't fancy doing!!
Have a great Wednesday!!!
Martin x

Tuesday 2nd March 2010.

The tone of the day today was set by Tina who sent us a text asking if it was OK to lie to someone to make them, or keep them happy? Have you ever done that? I think it's wrong to lie at any time unless it's information that is sensitive that you can't disclose, maybe something at work. In all other cases it's best to tell the truth even if it's something the other person may not want to hear really. Let's face it, if they don't want to know the truth why bother to ask in the first place. Michaela tried to convince me there was a grey area where it was OK to tell a little lie and apart from Maria in Kingsbridge everybody else agreed with her.


I have lied yes, but only
 a little white lie as I'm rubbish at it hehehe, it made such a differance to them it made up for the white lie, so yes i think it is ok as long as its a white one! Jules Timpson
I would lie if someone asks me if I like something they are wearing. If they really like it then I say its nice when in all honesty I might be thinking I would rather be naked than wear that! Sam Taylor

I agree with Martin completely!! Maria - Kingsbridge

We also talked about our Have a Heart appeal to raise money for the Starlight Childrens Foundation and when Michaela found out I had nothing planned for me to do on our big charity day she set me a challenge. I'll have just 3 hours to travel to as many towns & villages across the South Hams and have my picture taken by their name signs. Never being one to turn down a challenge I accepted, details on how you can sponsor me for it will be announced as soon as I arranged it!! Watch this space.

As I'm writing this I can see the sun shining pretty brightly so I'm not feeling in the mood for staying in doing chores or going to the gym, I might take a little stroll along the beach at Bigbury this afternoon, a bit of fresh air sounds like a great idea. In fact, giving it more thought I'm off to check out the latest surf report!!

On Wednesday morning's show, I'd quite like to have a stand at Plymouth Argyle named after me & Michaela would like a wildlife park named after her. If you could have anything named after you, what would it be? Let me know on the form below & have a great Tuesday enjoying the sunshine if you can.

Martin x




Monday 1st March, Happy St Davids Day.

On Monday morning I asked you for your fascinating but useless facts. I'm hoping some of these may come up as questions during the Wine & Wisdom evening at Niamh's school on Friday!!

In Saudi Arabia a woman may divorce her husband if he does not keep her supplied with coffee. Sarah - Lee Mill.

In Canada it's illegal to play lawn darts. Mark Stempson - Dartmouth.

A group of 12 or more cows is called a flink. Paul on a farm nr Coldharbour Cross.

It takes 7 years for a lobster to grow 1 pound. Dennis with his crab pots somewhere off Salcombe.

Months that begin on a Sunday will always have a "Friday the 13th." Or actually it could be useful to those superstitious people out there, give them chance to prepare for the fateful day!! Nikki Vosper.
Triskaidecaphobia is the fear of the number 13. Magician Chris Edwards - Plymouth.
In 1386, a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child. Martin Malloch.
Did u know that ELEVEN PLUS TWO is an anagram of TWELVE PLUS ONE. Both add up to 13. Jacquie.
SPAM stands for Shoulder, Pork & hAM. Helen Wing - Totnes.
Have a great St Davids Day if you're Welsh & let me know below if you've ever lied to someone to make or keep them happy. We'll be talking about it on the show Tuesday Morning.
Off to do some housework for the day now!! I can feel a pegging out session on the way, Micaela will be pleased with me.


Friday 26th.

On Friday mornings show we talked about something we've all done in our younger years that makes us cringe now, trying to impress the opposite sex.


Thursday 25th.

Short and sweet today. On the show we talked about throwing out your partners clothes without them knowing. I'm sure my favourite surf T-shirt has dissapeared and I think the good lady Mills is responsible. Louise told us that when she met her husband she ditched his whole wardrobe & gave him a complete makeover... very brave I thought. I'm off sailing in Dartmouth for the day with you'll find the pictures on the Heart Breakfast with Martin Mills facebook page as soon as I get back.

On Friday morning I'll be asking you to confess some of the things you've done in the past to impress a member of the opposite sex!


Wednesday 24th.

On Wednesday morning we were talking about jobs. Michaela’s had 4 and Martin’s had over 20. How many jobs have you had? Can you beat Martin? What was the best, worst, shortest, longest job you've had?

Nickee's Husband Nigel has only had 1 job & he's had it for 30 years working in the dockyard in Plymouth. Chris had 20 jobs he told us, best was a police dog handler & worst was an insurance salesman. The furthest afield came from Weaver Toms (a nickname from his days playing football). He usually listens to the show working on a trawler off the South Devon coast but at the moment is working off the coast of Denmark laying cables on the seabed for a windfarm. With 26 jobs in my life there were far too many to read out on air so here, as promised, is the whole lot.....

During my school years I had a paper round & worked with the milkman at weekends & I also worked on a market stall once a week selling nighties & underwear.

After leaving school I worked in engineering for a while & also had a job as a welder/fabricator making wrought iron gates and fences (the kind with all the decrative scrolls in them). Also in no particular order I had jobs working on cars in a crash repair garage, reconditioning starter motors & alternators, on a building site, furniture upholstery, electronics assembly, reproduction furniture polisher, motorcycle courier, lorry driver, I ran a pub, was an account manager for a design agency, worked in a chip shop and had a stint at a photo lab as a delivery driver. A great job where I got to drive all over Devon & Cornwall picking up films & dropping off photos to all the estate agents. That reminds me I did that for a few months too, being an estate agent was quite cool, you get to meet lots of people very much like when I was a taxi driver. After a few years driving a taxi I ended up running the office, that was fun. My main job outside of being a DJ was in the print industry. I started as a print finisher running the machines that make magazines like Vogue & Elle before going to college to train as a printer. My best printing job was at Reading Press in Lee Mill had some fantastic times there, it's a great industry to work in and for a while I even went back to college to do some teaching with the first year print students. As you probably are aware my real passion is in radio, an industry that I've been involved in for many years both as a presenter and as a programme manager. I started off doing shows on Hospital Radio in Plymouth in the days when Greenbank Hospital was still standing and luckily my demos got me a break, the rest as they say is history!!! That's the 26 jobs I can remember there may be more later if I can think of any. If you worked with me in any of those jobs, get in touch using the form below or on the facebook page & we'll do coffee sometime!!

Squash went well yesterday, the good lady Mrs Mills and I played for over an hour. I'm not going to tell you who won but I will say how surprised I was at what a bad loser my lovely wife is. I've got something on today that is exciting and scary at the same time. I'm meeting Niamh's teacher later as it's parents evening, I'm sure she'll get good reports but as a parent it's alway a worry isn't it, I feel as if I'm being judged by the teacher for anything that my daughter does in school time.

I've been looking for one of my favourite T-Shirts over the past couple of days and can't find it anywhere. I have a sneaky feeling that it's been thrown out because my wife doesn't like it. Does that kind of thing happen in your house? Let me know as I'll be talking about that on the show Thursday morning.

Have a great Wednesday.

Martin x


Tuesday 23rd.

On Tuesday morning's show we learned that Michaela wanted to be a vet when she was younger but had a fainting episode while on work experience that put paid to that idea, good for us though. I always wanted to be a Dj on the radio and my neighbours back then would remember me as a little 7 year old walking round with a tape recorder asking them for their requests for my bedroom radio shows!! I'm looking forward to a game of squash with the good lady Mrs Mills today, perhaps I'll get to win a game for once. While you're online why not click through to our facebook page and sign up with us, be great to have you as a friend of the show.

On Wednesday morning I'm still talking about jobs, how many have you had? What lasted the longest or was the shortest, let me know on the form below.

Martin x


 Monday 22nd

On the show Monday morning we asked what your other half would be if they were an animal? Michaela rang my wife & was told I'd be a pig!!! Someting to do with my snoring, my eating & sometimes my smell!!!!! How Rude.

Now half term is over I can get back to my routine of squash & the gym, happy times. On the show tomorrow morning I want to know what you wanted to be when you grew up & what do you actually do. Let me know below.

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