Hot Out There!

Weather in your pocket


One village, town or city in the South West could be getting a whole load of ice cream BUT only when it gets hot enough!

It's Matt & Caroline's Hot Out There and it happens every weekday morning at 7:45. 

The lovely people at the Met Office have told us that the hottest place in the South West last year was BUDE with a temperature of 28.2 degrees. 

As soon as we beat that temperature this year, we will dish out a load of ice cream to the hottest village, town or city thanks to the delicious Salcombe Dairy

If we don't get over the 28.2 mark before the 19th of August 2016, we'll unleash the ice-cream on whichever place has been consistently the hottest since the start of the feature, according to those clever boffins at The Met Office! 

So cross your fingers, do a sun dance and be listening to Heart Breakfast every weekday morning at 7:45 to see if we can beat Bude and top the temperature of 28.2! 

How does the Met Office measure temperature?

Satellites do a lot of the work when it comes to observing weather globally, but the Met Office also manages more than 200 automatic observation stations across the UK. These provide a range of weather readings; atmospheric pressure; rainfall; wind speed and direction, humidity; cloud height and visibility. They all feed into the Met Office forecasts.

If you’d like to help contribute to Met Office forecasts, you can enter your own weather observations on Met Office’s Weather Observations Website (WOW) 

Find out more about how Met Office measures temperature here and check out the latest observations!