How to get fit after pregnancy

Wonderful, I’ve had the baby and now feel ready to exercise.

Postnatal Exercise

Firstly, remember that everyone is different and that these are only guidelines. It is advisable to wait until after you have been given the go-ahead in your post-natal check.

These checks are at approximately six weeks for a natural birth and eight/nine weeks for a caesarean. Don’t be too hard on yourself, you’ve just had a baby and your body needs time to recover.

What exercises do you suggest I do?

Light exercises should be encouraged to improve general well-being and fitness.

Pilates, yoga, power walking, light jogging, swimming and light gym routines should be encouraged. It is advisable to work with a qualified post-natal instructor. Specialised Mother and baby Pilates classes and keep fit classes are available. These classes allow you to exercise with your baby close by.

Keep your sessions close to an hour, so as not to overtire yourself and affect milk supply. Care should be taken when playing tennis, golf and squash.

When should I not exercise?

You need to listen to your body and if you feel a little unwell, rest. Consult a GP if you are at all in doubt.

    * Bleeding – other than menstruation
    * Abdominal pain
    * Mastitis
    * Faint, dizzy spells, severe headaches, temperature

Any other advice for me?

    * Wear comfortable clothes with a supportive bra - keep away from tight fitted wire bras!
    * Think about your posture when pushing the pram.
    * Keep a bottle of water with you at all times.


These can be done whist sitting and feeding the baby – no excuse!

Ellie Brown is a Body Control Pilates Instructor and a UK Athletics Coach.

She runs and Mother and Baby Post-natal Pilates courses and Pilates in Pregnancy Courses.

Running Mummies Post-natal fitness class for Mothers and their babies can be found in Greenwich Park every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

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