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Many celebrities in the fields of sport and entertainment realise the need to live a healthy lifestyle as a fundamental part of their professional lives.

See what some of them have had to say to Healthy Hearts about their fitness and diet:

matt robertsMatt Roberts - one of the UK’s leading personal trainers and a respected expert in the field of fitness and training.

He’s been spotted in the press training everyone from David and  Samantha Cameron to Naomi Campbell and The Saturdays . His luxurious one-to-one personal training centres are located across London offering an exclusive results focused service.

“Why don’t you take up the challenge this month and start your Healthy Hearts regime! Make the most of the light and milder weather and get expert advice on how, through the right exercise and diet, you can improve your overall health and well-being”


deanne berryDeanne Berry, choreographer

My exercise routine varies from week to week, depending on my work schedule and the weather! If I am working on a fitness DVD, then I will be training all day in the studio from 10-6pm, doing whatever forms of exercise are on the DVD. Usually that will be a mix of dance, aerobics, combat and toning... so that is generally how I keep fit! If I am not working and have a day off... when the weather is dry I love to run. I love mixing up my running from long distance to sprint training at my local running track. Mixing up my forms of training is the key - the variety keeps me motivated and continuing to see results.

Keeping fit is something everyone needs to do to stay healthy and to get the best quality of life. I look after my body, as I want to have children and have the energy to run around with them as I grow older.
When I am exercising regularly and looking after myself I not only look healthier, but I feel so much better. The buzz I get is how much more energy I have! I want to do so much more from day to day and it makes me feel alive! 


kristina rihanoff x250Kristina Rihanoff - dance professional on Strictly Come Dancing

What advice would you give young people looking to get involved in dancing? I think it is great that people are interested in dance and are taking lessons. It’s a great way to meet people and it is such a hot hobby to have at the moment. It’s important that you meet people that have the same interests as you and it is of course a great way to exercise and stay healthy.

When not training professionally what other sports / exercise do you enjoy? I used to do a lot of yoga, lots of Bikram but due to travelling I gave up. It is really good for your body and mind, in terms of the meditation aspect; I find it really peaceful. In the summer I do more cardio, such as running and weights.

A good diet plays an important part in staying fit & healthy. What are your top healthy eating tips? Definitely don’t skip your meals, have three a day with light snacks in-between. If you don’t treat your body right, then it will pay you back and store fat. Eat enough good complex carbs like brown bread and whole-wheat pasta, as well as protein. It’s good to eat carbs in the mornings for your energy for the whole day. Try not to over eat and listen to your body, know when you are full. Also eat lots of salad, veg and fruit.

How do you motivate your dance partners? You hope your celebrity is already motivated once they have been picked for Strictly. They are usually scared, but that is normal. I need to be positive in rehearsals to make them believe they can go on a journey, no matter how small or how slowly. A positive attitude is essential to help your partner stay motivated and enthusiastic.


healthy heartsSinitta - Singer, actress and mentor on X-Factor

Some people enjoy exercise more than others. I’m lucky in that I really enjoy working out – particularly PowerPlate, which I love! But I think the key thing to keeping in shape is being consistent – just eat healthily and take some form of exercise regularly.

It doesn’t have to be in a gym, London is filled with fun ways to keep fit for all the family. For example my kids & I took part in a 10k night walk through London in September to raise money for Heart’s charity Have a Heart.

My favourite dish is fish cakes, with Broccoli, spinach and chilli - it’s really healthy, easy to prepare and has that bit of spice to give it flavour & keep it interesting.”


kyran brackenKyran Bracken - former rugby union international and Dancing On Ice winner

"I had no idea how much I was going to be sucked in by the skating buzz. I absolutely love skating and now run my own skating tour.

It's a totally different sport to rugby, although there are a lot of similarities. Good core strength is important for skating and having decent muscle flexibility is a help. I found shifting from rugby to skating, my body trimmed down, as I no longer needed to carry some of the muscle bulk that I had for rugby, although I still need to have strong legs. Skating is definitely a great work-out.

Get your family out on the ice and enjoy it. There is no excuse, as there so many rinks scattered around these days."


brian fortunaBrian Fortuna - dance professional on Strictly Come Dancing

How did you get into dance? I got into dance because of my family. My mother owns and operates a large dance studio in NJ where I have both taught and trained. Dance was always a great activity that caused me to set goals while allowing me to travel and meet people of different cultures. It wasn't always the most popular activity for young American males but I never let that bother me.     

Why is dancing good for you? Dancing is a fun way to keep fit. It provides a great cardio workout without the monotony of going to the gym or sitting on the treadmill. It is also a very valuable tool to have in social environments.

What would be your top tips for anyone wanting to start dancing? Dancing is an activity that anyone can do! You don't have to be a competitor or a performer to enjoy the benefits of dance. The best thing for a beginner is to go out and find a teacher/class that makes you feel comfortable. Give it time and remember you don't have to become world champion to enjoy it.

Which dance would you recommend for someone who hasn’t danced before? The merengue and the salsa are easy fun dances to learn as a novice. It's important to learn the basics of a dance in the beginner stages in order to start to feel comfortable with it.  

What’s your favourite dance and why? My favourite dance has always been any dance with a woman attached to it. I have always loved salsa and foxtrot for the music.

What’s your favourite piece of music to dance to? Frank Sinatra's music has always been my favourite to dance to. I grew up listening to his music with my father. Being from Philadelphia, home of the movie Rocky I am also a fan of the song "Eye Of The Tiger"

You’ve done a lot of work helping children with disabilities through dance. Tell us a bit about that. Eight years ago my mother created the first written syllabus for wheelchair ballroom dance. Since then it has been a major part of my life. We have found that dance is the perfect activity to help children build confidence and overcome their disability. It has taught me and others who have experienced it that dancing is not just an activity for able bodied persons and that just because you are disabled it doesn't mean that you are limited in your ability to enjoy dancing.


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