Getting fit for the Ski Slopes

The snow is falling in the mountains and the skiing season has begun.

If you like skiing - or are just starting then you have probably put some effort into preparing for your trip by finding out where to go, what the conditions are like, what kind of new gear you need etc, etc.

But what about your physical condition? Have you put any effort into that - and if you have, is it the right effort - the most effective effort?

Skiing is a demanding sport. It subjects your body to repeated stresses and involves strenuous exertion at high altitudes. The fitter you are, the better and longer you will be able to ski each day, the lower your risk of injury will be, and the more you will enjoy your holiday.

Here's some things you may need:

Expert advice

In this video ex Winter Olympic skier and Ski Sunday presenter Graham Bell gives tips on how to get fit for the ski slopes.