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Read Paul McKenna's four golden rules of weight loss and how to tune into your body.

Hi, it's Paul McKenna here and I want to share with you my four golden rules of weight loss. 

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Golden Rule Number 1: When you are hungry, EAT.

Why would anyone eat if they weren't hungry?

Because it is simply a habit.  Many people are so desensitised to their body’s messages that they've forgotten how to pay attention.  Real physical hunger is different to emotional hunger (which we will deal with later).  Physical hunger comes on gradually.  Emotional hunger comes on suddenly, when you feel bored or upset. 

If you starve yourself you will end up binging. That's how your body gets thrown off balance.

In future when you feel physical hunger, eat! 

When you starve yourself your body goes into 'survival mode' it slows your metabolism and your body starts to store fat. When you eat when you are truly hungry you tell your body there will always be enough food and it speeds up your metabolism.

The hunger scale

Take a few moments right now to look at the hunger scale and tune in to your body.  How hungry are you right now?

The Hunger scale

1 - Physically faint

2 - Ravenous
3 - Fairly hungry
4 - Slightly hungry
5 - Neutral
6 - Pleasantly satisfied
7 - Full
8 - Stuffed
9 - Bloated
10 - Nauseous

Each person is different, but as a general rule, you want to eat whenever you notice yourself between 3 and 4 on the scale – that is when you are fairly hungry, but before you become ravenous.  If you wait until you get down to one or two your body will go into starvation mode and you’ll wind up probably eating more than your body needs and storing the excess as fat. 

Ideally, you’ll want to stop eating at right around 6 or 7 on the hunger scale – when you are feeling pleasantly satisfied or full but not yet stuffed or bloated. 

From now on never go into the RED areas!

Of course, if you have been a serial dieter you may be so used to overriding your body’s signals that you may at times 'forget to eat' until you’re ravenous or keep eating until you’re full or even stuffed before noticing  it’s time to stop.  If you think this might be you, practice tuning in to your body once an hour until you begin to notice differences between different points on the scale. 

The more you practice tuning in to your own hunger, the sooner you’ll be able to recognise your body’s subtle signals long before your stomach growls and your brain starts to get fuzzy.

Golden rule number 2: Eat what you want, not what you think you should

As soon as you tell yourself to not eat certain foods, (usually because you’ve been told they’re bad for you), you upset the natural balance of your relationship to them.  Rather than wanting it less, that ‘forbidden food’ instantly becomes more attractive to you.  The inner battle between your positive intention and your resistance to being controlled (even by yourself) can be exhausting.  As you begin to make peace with food and learn to listen to the wisdom of your body, you experience freedom from the tension and guilt that comes from NOT following your intuition. 

Also, as you stop resisting and start to follow your natural intuitions about what to eat when, you may notice your tastes changing. You may even find yourself naturally attracted to the very foods you’re ‘supposed’ to be eating now.

Golden rule number 3: Eat  CONSCIOUSLY and enjoy every mouthful

People that are overweight often shovel food in to their mouths as quickly as possible in order to get high from the happy chemicals we release in our brains when we eat.  Unfortunately, because they are eating unconsciously, they never notice the signal from their stomach that lets them know that they are full.  So they keep on stuffing their faces, expanding their stomachs and putting on weight. 

The problem is that even though they feel temporarily high from cramming in lots of food, they feel fat and guilty afterwards.  In fact, they feel so bad that they repeat the whole ritual of unconsciously stuffing themselves again in order to anaesthetise the bad feelings they just created!

Here is perhaps the single most important key to success with my system:

You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, so long as you fully enjoy every single mouthful.

I cannot emphasise this enough. Put the knife and fork down whilst you are chewing you food and really enjoy it - savour the taste, and enjoy the wonderful textures and sensations as you thoroughly chew each mouthful of food at least 20 times!

If all you did for the next two weeks was to slow your eating speed down to about a quarter of what it used to be and chew each mouthful thoroughly, you will find it easy to leave food on your plate.

Golden rule number 4: When you think you are full, STOP eating

Yes! Let's review the four elements of the system:

1. Eat whenever you are hungry
2. Eat only what you want, never what you think you ‘should’
3. Eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful
4. Stop when you even think your body is full

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