Keeping Fit in February

If you’re a month or so into your new exercise regime and you’re flagging, looking for motivation and inspiration, have a think about one or more of the points below.

And if you’ve got any tips or comments on getting motivated, please let us know through the form at the foot of the page, and we’ll pass them on to everyone.

But if you’re feeling physical discomfort and are at all worried about your exercise, please take a break and go and see your GP.

1.    Write down your reasons for taking more exercise . You might only start off with one or two obvious ones like losing weight and getting fitter, but think really hard and you can come up with loads which will be personal to YOU.

2.    Get an exercise buddy . You’re much more likely to turn out on a regular, even daily, basis – even in grotty weather – if you know someone else is going to be there too. Encourage each other through the bad times!

3.    Set yourself a target. If you have a goal in mind it’s easier to work towards that goal. Sign up for a run, walk, swim or bike ride in your area. We’ve got lots of ideas in our Events page (see below). Quite a few of these events are for all abilities so younger members of the family can join in as well.

4.    Keep records of your progress. Write down your times over a certain distance and if you can see you’re getting faster, it’s massive motivation to keep going and keep beating your Personal Best.

5.    Reward yourself. If you’re finding it hard going, make sure you give yourself something tangible to show for it. Slimming down? Go out and buy yourself a new dress. Beating your records? Take a day off and just chill out.

6.    Join a club. If you think it’s for you and you enjoy the social side of exercise, there are plenty of clubs and courses to sign up for. It expands your pool of exercise buddies to help and encourage each other.

7.    Always bear in mind the undoubted benefits of exercise. Even a little exercise and an awareness of your diet brings the weight down, lowers the cholesterol levels, strengthens the muscles.

8.    Distract yourself. Most people find that taking the ipod with them on a run or to the gym really helps. If you’re running near roads, though, please bear in mind you need to be fully aware of what’s going on around you.

9.    Do different things. Don’t just stick with one form of exercise – you might just get bored with it. Mixing up running, walking, swimming and cycling – or any other form of exercise – will keep things fresh.

10.    Get help from technology. A pedometer or a heart-rate monitor will provide instant proof of the effort you’ve just put in and help to keep a check on daily, weekly and monthly progress.

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Keep a check on a few things happening in Essex to get involved with.

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