Kiss and tell study

Poor dental hygiene is putting a severe dampener on romantic opportunities.

An investigative report from Dentyl pH shows that more than a third (37.5%) of respondents said they would avoid someone of the opposite sex with bad breath, more than a quarter (27.5%) would think such a person was generally unclean or unhygienic and one in 10 (10%) thought bad breath might be a sign of illness.

More than a quarter (27.5%) of those quizzed had avoided a potential partner because of that person’s bad breath and nearly three quarters (72.5%) said they wouldn’t let a person with bad breath kiss them and nearly a third (30%) had backed away from a snog in the past for that reason. Nine out of 10 would tell a partner if they suffered from a bout of halitosis.

The Kiss and Tell study also shows that poor oral health hygiene costs millions of adults in the UK bad teeth, bad breath and killer diseases such as stroke, heart disease and birth defects.

This video looks into the study, and also shows what you can do to make sure bad oral health doesn’t dent your love life.