MOCK UP: Healthy Hearts for February

If you’re a month or so into your new exercise regime, this is usually the hard part. The experts often reckon that if you’re going to give up, this is when it’s going to happen.

But if you can get through the tough times and into Month Two, you’re very likely to keep up the routine and you’re well on the road to greater fitness, healthier heart and lungs and a better quality of life.

So if you’re flagging and looking for motivation and inspiration, have a look at our article below...

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Plus, it's your chance to win one of five copies of Kelly Holmes's new book. Click the link below to enter. What more motivation do you need?

Healthy Hearts is a series to outline the importance of exercise for a healthy heart, suggest some simple moves to do anywhere anytime, give you some ideas about how to get involved in some sports and point you in the right direction for clubs and leisure centres in your area.

gym Events

Keep a check on a few things happening in Essex to get involved with.

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