More of your exercise tips

Have a visual timetable of the activities you plan to do and tell your kids, that way you're more likely to stick to your plans as they won't forget even if you do!  And remember the more worn out the kids are the earlier they go to bed and you have more of the evening you have to yourself! x Nicky A walk in a park, strolling in the woods and a game of tennis are our family favourites but letting the kids choose which and where makes them more interested. Sharon

Make it a fun session- we love frisbee on the beach or at the local park. Cathy

Wear ski trousers before and after exercise to keep your legs warm.  It also stops them aching so much. Keith

dancing is the best way to keep fit, its fun, can be funny and both sexy when theres just you and the wife, its good fun as well as being good for you, cant go wrong. Andrew

Dance to the adverts when your kids do. Not only do you get exercise, but you have a good laugh, which is also good for you!!! Liz

Dance to the adverts when your kids do. Not only do you get exercise, but you have a good laugh, which is also good for you!!! Mark

We have horses so a family thing great to excersise the horses as well as our selves. Mandy

High Intensity Interval Training is the best..15 min max effort and you can do it at home. Tanya

I go  for a brisk walk most days. I always use the stairs when in stores. Phil

Instead of chocolate we get our children to help us peel carrots or other veg they like.  Then they get to try them. We also like to go cycling or walking but play hide and seek in the woods.  (All within sight distance). Lynette

Bend both knees keep back straight when emptying tumble drier and washing machines. Julie

Every night before bathtime we have a family 10 minute boogie to Heart FM - we crank the music up and turn on the disco ball, it gets us all up and laughting and burns a few calories too! My 3 year old loves it. Nadine

Make walking to the shops or wherever fun, play games on the way like who can spot the most of something, look at the buildings around, take in a park on the way, and try doing different routes so that a walk to school etc doesn't become the same every day.- Rebecca

As me and my husband used to do martial arts, we clear a space in the living room, or go into the park and have play fights with my daughter whos 6. She loves it, it keeps us all fit, and also helps her to defend herself, being a meek little girl, it gives her some confidence too - Hayley

When taking the dog for a walk take along a bat and ball and we all race the dog to get the ball first, great fun especially in the snow. make sure its a coloured ball! - Kim

If travelling by bus get off a stop or two early and walk the rest of the way, may save you some money and burn off some calories.- Michelle

Involve the whole family in the housework, put on Heart fm and dance and sing the house clean! - Sian

Taking the dog for a walk is a great way to start and the whole family can join in, you can increase the distance and pace as you get into the habit, and include games as you go such as spotting the most amount of different birds, to entertain everyone, and learn all at the same time - Ian

In cold weather, me and my partner and our daughter play tag indoors or hide and seek but they have to hide on a different level in the house so its up and down the stairs - not only exercise but when you get too hot, turn the heating down and save on gas - Alison

Chasing the rabbits round the garden to get them in the hutch for the night.  Not usually a quick job, often 15 minutes of dong circuits of the garden with them - Louise

A great day out for the family is a bike ride, with a picnic lunch. Take something like a frisbee to play after lunch ( light & easy to carry but good fun) Cycle a little more & then an ice cream treat. Everyone enjoys it, it's good exercise so an ice cream treat isn't naughty!- Pauline

Always walk to school rather than drive if its safe !  Also get off the bus a couple of stops before your destination to add some more walking in - Carla

Walk everywhere! never sit down till after 6! - Ann

Cut down on portion sizes and try to walk at least 20 minutes per day - Karen

Our family's best exercise tip is always use your feet and not your car - the world is such a much more interesting place as you can take in all of the sights around you. Daily long walks to and from work keep our family in very good shape and the sons, daughters and grandchildren always walk everywhere too now.- Jill

We do a lot of dancing together in the house around the garden. My 2 children are under 5 at the moment but i find dancing uses a lot of energy its entertaining and educational and keeps us healthy.- Carrie

Walking to the supermarket and carry your food shopping home, you tend to spend less and good exercise. - Connie

We take a Saturday afternoon stroll to the park, then play mini golf and jog back home! - Jaya

Get some outside games like swingball or a trampoline to make exercising fun and into a competition! - Kirsty

Never take the lift, always use the stairs - Zena

Run up stairs give it some welly and stop using tv remote control.- Carole

Use a tin of food in each hand and use as weights. Anyone  can do it. Saves going to the gym to use weights. - Sue

Walking the kids to and from school - Soraya

Eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly - Dave

Water is essential to good health. During summer, it’s even more important to drink plenty of water as the body gets dehydrated more easily due to the increased heat and dryer conditions. Make sure every child has his own drinking bottle whenever the family is out. Remind kids to drink up regularly to replenish lost fluids after exercising, playing sports or just running around the park. Kids can also increase fluid intake by drinking juices and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables - Craig

Wii dance is a brill fun way to exercise for the whole family.  Mums can then go to a zumba class to improve their moves - Debi

Walk the dogs - children (and Adults) run themselves silly chasing the dogs around! - Suzanne

Have a good warm up before you start your twenty minute exercises - dance to your favourite tunes on the music channel. Elaine

On a saturday and sunday morning myself and my son put the music on the sterio, and have a few hours of dancing, not only its it keeping us active , we have so much fun and laugh at each others crazy moves, highly recommended to make you feel better - Samantha

Try exercise videos the whole family can enjoy or if you’re not sure what they’ll like, let them take turns choosing. There are also a variety of dance inspired workout videos.Alternatively, you and the kids can take the dancing somewhere fun, like in a park where there’s a band playing. Teach your children the popular dance moves you enjoyed when you were younger. Learn some new dances yourself by having the kids show off their cool moves. The laughter alone is bound to burn some calories.- Kwame

We like to go to the local park and play lots of games together. These usually include badminton, tennis, frisbee, bulldog, tag, rounders, cricket, the velcro-catch ball etc. These games usually come in one pack and are so convenient! They are great fun for both adults and children so everyone can get involved - Kirsty

I use a cross trainer at home because I have high blood pressure and its action is low-impact. It has helped me to shape up but just using this becomes a bit boring! - Rosie

Dancing around with my 17 month old is a great way to have fun whilst burning some calories - Nisha

Go for a family bike ride on a Sunday morning while the Sunday roast is cooking, as by the time you get back you would have built up a healthy appetite - Julie

Go dancing! Get a trampoline. Treasure hunts. - Lisa

Our biggest tip is to warm up - and warm down - after any exercise - Trish

Make it fun, going for a run is not fun, while running around playing football with friends is! - Michael

Swimming and cycling is something all the family can do together what ever the weather. - Jane

For lots and fun and exercise too we invested in 4 hula hoops. They can be used around the waist, arms or legs for toning. Great to get everyone in the garden having fun but toning too - Melissa

Buy a couple of crazy Hungarian Vizsla dogs that need masses of excercise, go for long family walks come rain, shine sleet or snow!!! Umbrellas, suncream and iced drinks, hats scarves and gloves when you get home your noses glow!!! - Hayley

Walking to and from school is a good exercise - Etleva

If it is snowing, get the kids wellie boots out of the cupboard, go for a walk and enjoy the snow, as long as you are all wrapped up nice and warm - Maureen

Do it together it's more fun. Excercising alone is just lonely - Cheryl

As a housewife and full time mom I only have time for DIY exercise including fast-pace cleaning and running around the park with the dog - Jade

Get in the habit of an after-Sunday lunch walk, it will do everyone the world of good - Wendy

Take the family to your nearest park and walk briskly, make it fun for the children by suggesting targets such as the first one to get to the bench/oak tree/litter bin etc and stand as tall as they can. Have more fun by getting them to 'march' like soldiers, they love to do the ' attention' and 'stand at ease' bit - Kate

Make it fun, simply having a brisk walk in the woods and playing hide and seek, playing chase is always a huge sucess with kids or going for a bike ride and playing eye spy. As long as we are together having a laugh it doesnt feel like exercise, it can be part of family time. - Julie

Always run up the stairs instead of walking up them - Nicola

Get a dog, you have to get out there and walk them. In all weathers! - Lou

A family bike ride is always fun and doesn't even feel like you are exercising - Samantha

We always play hide annd seek in our house when weather doesnt permit going out. climbing and cruching in various places ensures we are at least getting some exercise - Jodie

We get fit by dancing around whilst cleaning the house - Sam

Swim as a family before your Sunday lunch - Katherine

Make it fun - something that the whole family can enjoy, whether its walking the dog or running around the park, making a snowman or chasing each other with snowballs, this all counts as exercise which will keep you healthy.  Make it part of your everyday life, cycle to work and walk the children to school - you will reap the benefits and so will your family! - Helen

Make an exercise & diet plan(always include a detox programme) get your blood pressure/heart rate checked by your doctor. If jogging,get a jogging buddy. Get suitable made to measure trainers (off the shelf ones may cause damage) Keep a fitness diary week by week,gradually increasing your exercise.- Glen

Find something you enjoy doing - if it's a chore you won't do it! - Jean

Join an athletics club together - Val