Stress busting

Sometimes, it can feel like everything is getting too much for us. We have far too much to do and there's not enough minutes in the day. But just a few small adjustments can make everything seem far more bearable.

Drink more water
If you drive your car with no water, it overheats. The same thing happens to us. Without enough water, our body under-performs and we get physically and mentally stressed. Try to drink at least four glasses of water per day.

Say No!
You can’t do everything – there are only 24 hours in a day. Give yourself time to relax and wind down by saying no to things that you simply don’t have time to do.

Reduce your caffeine intake
Coffee and tea act as a stimulant and will increase your stress levels. Try herbal teas or water instead.

Get more sleep
You’re more likely to be irritable and stressed when you are over-tired. This is because going without sleep increases your body’s level of sleep cortisol – a stress hormone. It is amazing what an early night can do to your mood.

Go Carb-crazy at lunch
Your brain released serotonin when you eat complex carbohydrate, which makes you feel happier. Keep to low-sugar, low-fat starches – such as potatoes and wholemeal pasta – to make sure you don’t suffer a sugar crash later in the afternoon.

Exercise more
Just 20 minutes of exercise a day will reduce your aggression, get you fit and reduce your stress. So if you normally drive to the shops, trying walking or cycling instead.

Give yoga a try
Want to exercise, but don’t fancy pounding away on a treadmill. Yoga and pilates focus on the act of balancing, helping you switch off from day-to-day worries.