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Don't just take our word on what's the best way for you to get fitter.

Below is just some of the avalanche of advice and tips you've been sending in to us about how you and your family get some healthy exercise...

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Go dancing at least once a week. Bernadette

Play a group game of peek a boo, sounds crazy but people will hide anywhere attempting not to get caught, a great laugh! Naomi

My tip on a healthy lifestyle is to eat small, but every 2 hours so your body is always digesting food (Stops hunger pangs). Stephen

Swim at least once a week. Jenny

When walking or running or doing anything, even sitting, pull your abdomen muscles in as this will encourage a flatter abdomen and naturally exercise that area with very little effort. Karen

Take your dog for a walk every day even if its for 20 minutes, regular housework even if its hoovering once a day, little thing like this that gets your heart beating faster. Susan

We have a hoola hoop party. Get lots of fresh air whilst out walking or biking. Love to swim too. x Kathryn

The most important thing - find something what you really like and enjoy, if you do anything "because you must or should"  you will not stick to it and will soon don't do any excersise at all. And don't set the target too high or you are frustrated and disappointed and quit too. For a more relaxing excersice and for the lazy ones like me - go and get yourself a dog! You are not not only forced to get out while very kind of weather, you get a friend for life too! Petra

We always have a family walk after sunday lunch, the way Mum gets us all to take part she will not let any of us have a desert until we have all come back from the walk!! jay

Make it fun! Plan family walks and let everyone take it in turns to pick the place to walk. Get a map of the local area and choose places within a given distance from home to go to. Christina

Try and remember that exercise isn't always about hitting the gym or going running! Moderate intensity activity can be achieved by simply playing with the kids in the garden or down the park. You'll be tired before they me! Paul

Keep positive don't think about what needs to be done the following day just enjoy the exercise you are doing for that day, otherwise you will be put off after a good workout. Sarah

5 A side Frizbee. Mike

My family love going on long country walks along rivers and through woodlands. We then always stop off at the end to have a piece of cake and a hot drink in the local tea room. It's a great way to keep fit, have fun and enjoy the beautiful british countryside. Go on, give it a try. Holly

Trampoline competitions. Alison

Get all the family round for fun night playing the Wi Fit and at the same time you are exercising and enjoying yourself with your family and having fun, because exercising on your own is very boring and you dont tend to stick to the workout. Alison

Sit on an imaginary chair, with your knees bent and back against the wall to get ready for the ski season.  Really tunes the legs up. Keith

My whole family do karate which is a really good way to keep feet, my boys age 7 and 9 are red and brown belts already! Allison

Housework to Prodigy is always a good workout for me. Plus me and my daughter do step on the bottom stair. Plus, as a whole, my family love to dance. We have a good music setup in the dining room and frequently have a few drinks and dance the night away. All friends and family welcome, lol Cathy

switching the music on and getting the kids to help me clean the house whilst dancing around! works everytime! Victoria

All having a lovely walk in the countryside or on the beach. Helen

I would highly suggest a nice ride out on your bikes during the day when the sun is shining or venturing out to a leisure centre to have a swim followed by a round of games i.e tennis Lucy

Get off the sofa and do something motivational!! Claire

Get off the bus a few stops before, its a great way to keep fit. Amanda

Housework. Its great to get the whole family together, the house is spotless and you lose loads of calories! Rebecca

Things to do in the house if unable to go out. Lift tin cans to strengthen arms. Hold onto something and swing legs one at a time. Quat against a wall with back straight to strengthen leg muscles. Jean

Good exercise is mucking out a stable and a horse field it works the whole body. Catherine

We both do exercises for about 20mins per evening. Stomach crunches, sit ups, press ups it makes it more fun when you do it together and I think the laughing makes you lose more calories than the exercise itself. Debbie

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