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A wonderful trip down memory lane in so many ways. From a mum's point of view so heartwrenching as she watches her child grow up. And from my son's point of view a trip down memory lane of favourite toys! Fantastic for everyone!

What a fantastic film! Funny, exciting, and a tear jeerker ....a real feel good film for the whole family. The animation is amazing and the dialogue clever. 10/10!

Fiona Leigh
Brill picture. I love Ken and Barbie, Kens my hero! John travolta eat your heart out.

I don't normally like sequels; they rarely work. This one worked, and deliciously so - in fact, I'm on the verge of saying that it is better than the first two. It's heart-rending, it's beautiful and it nearly moved me to tears. "Ken" played the himbo stereotype to perfection and the villianous Lotso was so believable that I found myself clenching my fist, wanting to hit him! I defy ANYONE to watch this and not raise a smile, such is its perfection. I take my plastic cowboy hat off to Pixar who have once again delivered a masterpiece that will be finding a home on my DVD shelf as soon as it is available.

Watched it in 3D Fantastic film, all my children, my husband and myself enjoyed it. Great to have a film all family can go and see together

Toy Story 3 takes you back to a child hood dream where your toys came to life. In this third instalment of the Toy Story films we see Andy growing up and having to make some tough choices about wether to throw away his friends his toys. Buzz and Woody find them selves in a jam when they get taken to a childrens nursery by mistake. All seems great at the nursery untill the big old purple bear shows his true colours. The toys all relise there place is with andy (or is it) and its a strugle to get back to the young man that was once a boy. Its a great rollacoaster of a film it has everything that a disney film should have and even more so. The children will love seeing all there toys come to life in this great all round film. And the adults will go back in time and remember what it was like when they gave there toys away. Also you might even see a couple of tears and im not just talking laughter tears from the children im talking fully grown men crying. Its a rollacoaster ride and Toy Story 3 is a great film to end an awesome chapter to one of the most loved films of all time.

Oliver Roy
This 3rd sequel is brilliant! i love the first toy story but this 3rd one is definitely a "must see movie". Disney's Pixar has done a top notch box office film for the kids & adults. i will rate it 10 stars.

5 Star. Definately the best film of 2010.I dont no who enjoyed it more, the adults or the children. The toys are back in town and they bring with them humour and heart. It is filled with suspense, drama and surprises and even a few moments were i thought we may even cry. Can be enjoyed by any age, must see. Cinema brilliance.

Loved it Loved it!! My 2 daughters aged 10 & 4 thought it was fantastic, they were glued to the screen wearing their 3d specs for the whole of the movie. They were spellbound. I found myself getting a little teary eyed with the bond of the characters. Recommended the film to one and all

A rare thing. A sequal that is just as good as the original. Toy Story 2 fell into the same old trap of replaying the same gags (albeit very good gags). The all new Toy Story 3 stands as a great family film in its own right. Humour, action and just a few tears (well I cried anyway !)

AMAZING !!! Loved It x Laughed So Myuchh

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