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Toy story 3 is a great film especially in 3D! Barbie and Ken were really funny when Barbie was making Ken try his posh clothes on! So overall the whole family loved Toy story 3!!! I thought it is the best toy story!!!

This is a great film for the family & for all ages. The characters havent been changed too much which is a great carry on from the pervious 2 films. It brings to life more adventures with Woody, Buzz and all the other toys which moves you and entertains. Pixar have worked hard on this and it has paid off... One of the best films yet!

Imaginative, creative, Adventurous And still has the same feel as the last two toy story films. it is an inspiring film. Also Sid is the Gabbage man !!! GENIUS!! as he sed the gabbage man is here in the first film :D

After growing up with Toy Story 1 & 2 being my favourite childhood film's I never thought Toy Story 3 could top it!!

This film surpasses the previous two installments - even though we're no longer as dazzled by the Pixar animation, the jokes are funnier, the action is faster faced and the entire family loved it.

I thought that toy story was a real heart warmer for all the family to sit down and enjoy it really got me stuck down to my seat and normally when i go and see a film i the cinima i up and down like a jack in the box. i really love the part when they salotaped that seurity monkey and pushed him into the draw. i felt really sorry for the baby wanting to be with her mum amy and that made me feel very sad. i really want to win a singed buzz lightyear as i love the director lee unkrich and his work i especially love toy story and i also love buz so please please let me win please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think toy story 3 was a great fun film for all the family made even better in 3d it was action packed and full of comedy towards the end it got a bit sad and even made grown men cry overall i would give this film a ten out of ten a great film for all ages.

fabluous story lines and some good phases

The new Toy Story 3 movie is second to none! I cant believe how funny the characters are and how they have evolved so suficiently from the first movie! I was in tears with laughter and emotion from the few sad parts. I would recommend anyone sees this movie young or old! Indulge your inner child!

The film is the best one yet in my opinion i loved it!!!!!!! It was so so humourous for adults and kids too. Thoroughly recommend going to see it, watch out for the scary pink bear though! ;0)

usual pixar brilliance for 6 year olds. showing good over evil and promoting morals in these god forsaken times - isnt it a shame they groow out of it pixar have another hit on their hand - especially with 3d effects - just awesome

Toy story 3 is fantastic!! I grew up with the first 2 films and to see all the original characters, plus some new ones, was just brilliant. Seeing Andy all grown up is great too. You really feel privilaged to know the film and its characters intimately. I definitely reccomend this film to everyone young or old! I give Toy Story 3 10/10

an entertaining animation film which was enjoyed by the whole family, well worth seeing again.

Absolutely fantasic well worth going to see

Soo funny, kids and adults all had big belly laughs it's absolutely brilliant a great farewell to the toys we love.


It was my 3 year old daughter's first trip to the cinema, we took her and our 6 year old. Charlie sat still throughout, loved the fact that Woody saved the day again. Ken and Barbie took me back to my youth, and when Andy gave the toys to Bonnie it bought a tear to my eye. And my 3 year old? She ate all the sweets and fell asleep!!!

In the words of my ten year old son - " It is the best of the three films by far, the story was fantastic but it is really really tear jurkingly sad but it a really really nice way" When he came out of the cinema he was crying because he was so sad, but all he said i want to go and see it again.

film was filled with laughter, what with mr potatoe head useing a wrap as a body and barbie getting ken to model his clothes. then of cause it was the part when woody wrote on the box of toys to got to the girls house for her to play with and at the bottom of the box was woody himself. poor andy had to hand him over even though you could see he really wanted to take him home himself, we were all on the edge of our seats wanting him to keep him but he saw in the girls face how much she wanted him. he showed her how to play with them and it was sad but he knew he was leaving them in good hands as he turned round to leave he saw her playing with the toys and talking to them just as he had done all those years before.

the film was the best yet out of this world and to efinity and beyond. cant wait to go again during the holidays.



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