A guy's guide to...

Buying or receiving underwear can be a tricky business, our helpful guide means nobody gets their knickers in a twist.

If you're a guy check out these tips from the ladies. Ladies feel free to add your own and send the page on to your Valentine, what could be a more subtle hint...

Underwear Do's and Don'ts:


Do make sure you buy the right size. Don't make the mistake of buying a "small" thinking she'll feel flattered; it will make her feel fat. Don't buy too big: As then she'll think you think she's fat.

Don't even try to guess:
Even women usually get it wrong when trying to guess their friend's bra size. The best advice: go check her underwear drawer.


Remember , this is mostly about her feeling sexy, not what most turns you on. Though a lady that feels sexy often acts sexy so...

Do think about what she would like rather than just what you'd like to see. Nothing says I love you more than fetish wear / corsets that you can't breathe in / stringy, daring undies. Wrong! Fussy is also bad; if it looks like she will require an army of helpers to get into it, then it's best avoided.

Do Pick something classic like camisole and French knickers / thongs (though only if she wears them)
It's better to buy something she'll wear more than once, remember Valentine's Day is meant to be about romance...
Do check out her wardrobe to see what colours she usually wears to pick something similar. Otherwise stick to classics like black and cream.

And finally:

Don't be afraid to ask for help - speak to her best friend for ideas and don't be scared of shop assistants! They'll be happy to help (and probably wish their boyfriend would be so romantic!).